Insurance and responsibility


Moving: Are the goods transported insured? Are you moving to a new home and have decided to hire a professional to transport your furniture?

Our insurance: Caisse Populaire Desjardin 25000$

The customer must verify all furniture and truck before the movers will leave the house. All claims carry a deductible of $250.

Very important:

Very important: All claims must be written on pappire and signed by both parties (client and movers) before the movers leave your house, apartment, office! We do not accept claims after the movers are gone, and they are not with the client. The customer must call the office in the presence of movers!

Items Not Covered:

Electronic equipment unless dropped. The company can not be responsible for mechanisms or any internal damage: pianos, televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. no matter who handles these items.Furniture that is damaged prior to moving

Items packed by the customer in boxes not crushed during transport.

Items that are not properly packed and ready for transport such as lamps, pictures, statues, ornaments. Everything must be packed and ready for transport.

If you the customer move anything or if you hire third party helpers such as friends, family or another moving company to help move anything during the moving process then both insurance options are not valid. We do not take responsibility for damaged caused by you or third party help. There is no way to figure out who moved what pieces and who caused the damage, therefor we do not take responsibility for any damage to properties, furnishings, boxes or any other contents of the move. This is moving and your own risk.

If you are wanting an economy move and saving time saves money, then we do not offer value protection for this type of moving.

Jewelry (to be transported by the customer)

Cash (to be transported by the customer)

Sentimental value has no consideration for value.

Furniture damaged due to tight fit where forcing the furniture through a tight stairwell, hallway or doorway. This also excludes any property damage due to forcing the furniture through. The customer assume all damages due to force and waives any right to claim.

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