Say goodbye to useless efforts, the risk of getting hurt and damaged furniture!

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Montreal Economical Movers

Moving and Storage Service


Are you going to move in Montreal or long distance and you want to don't spent a lot of money? You are looking for cheap movers in Montreal?

For an economical moving & storage we suggest you:

  • Before moving day-Getting Rid of Clutters in Your Home.
  • Pack your goods yourself and save money.


Move with your friends and save more than 50%.

There is a moving truck with a driver and all the necessary equipment available (moving blankets, dollies, straps, boxes, mattress bags, wardrobe boxes, etc.)

Our driver - mover is a person with many years of experience in moving. He will give you good practical advice on how to start your moving and how to put 

If you are moving and you need a economical moving company located in Montreal, we offer:

Discount for mid-month moves in Montreal

Every month between the 10 and the 20th, we offer a special price. Call us if you’re thinking of moving during this time frame.

Call us and reserve your moving date 2-3 weeks before the date in question, and you can save anywhere from 5%-10%.

Discount moving service for seniors in Montreal

We provide special discount offers for people 65 years and up.For more information - Seniors Moving Discounts.

Discount moving service for students in Montreal

We always offer special discounts for students. For more information - Student Moving Discounts.

Make a final decision choosing a right and affordable Montreal mover. Call us for your economical moving!

Our professional service always leaves our customers satisfied!

To reserve your move / to get a free moving quote / or for any other question concerning our service Free Moving Qoute.

Call-us today for all your moving needs!

For more information call us! Alex 514-569-4443