15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions to Do In the Province Of Quebec

You are planning to move from Montreal to Quebec? As one of the oldest cities in North America, when you walk through the cobbled streets of Quebec City you cannot help but feel that you are traveling through time, visiting iconic sites that have survived the test of time. more

15 Best Things to Do and See in Ottawa

You are planning to move from Montreal to Ottawa? Like any good capital city, Ottawa, capital of Canada, is a place to learn and explore the history of the country and the world. But it also has a lot to offer when it comes to world-class fun, both urban and country. more

15 Top Things to Do In Quebec City, Canada

Are you planning to move from Montreal to Quebec city? The city of Quebec conquers the visitor from the first moment. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this historic destination has ancient fortifications, alleys, museums, beautiful landscapes and historic buildings. If you are planning an itinerary for your next visit, be sure to include these essential places. more

Best Universities and colleges in Montreal

Prefer to study in Montreal? You're moving from Ottawa, Toronto to Montreal to study? Canada's education system is one of the best and most recognized worldwide. The education in this country is really incredible and thousands of people want their children to study in some of their colleges or universities. In Montreal, there are some of the best university institutes and colleges in the country and here we are going to know several of them. more

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in the Province Of Quebec

Thinking about moving to other city from Quebec Province? You are living in Montreal or Sherbrooke, Gatineau? In the province of Quebec, there are not only museums, fun places, bars, and clubs, but there is also a great variety of beautiful villages worth knowing. Next, we will mention 10 of the most beautiful villages in Quebec. more

History of Quebec City

Dream to live in Quebec? Do you want to move to this beautiful province? Move from, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa to Quebec! What is now Quebec was a territory colonized by the French who gave it the name of New France. His first explorer was Jacques Cartier, who in 1534 placed a wooden cross with fleur de lis in Gaspé. He took those lands in the name of the French Crown. In addition, he discovered the San Lorenzo River. Another fundamental person in the French colonial history of the territory was Samuel de Champlain when he founded on the north bank of the river the city of Quebec, in a place that the Indians called "kebek", that is, narrow. With Louis XIV the territory became a royal colony. more

15 Fun things to do with your children in Montreal

Move to Montreal with kids from Toronto, Ottawa! So you have children and have decided to take a trip to Montreal, one of the most recognized cities in Canada thanks to the fact that it held the Summer Olympics Games back in 1976, or simply because you have heard plenty of the city through all of your lives because you have heard your parents (or even grandparents) talked a lot of that particular Olympic event – the one that made Nadia Comaneci a celebrity with the first perfect score of 10. more

10 Things to do in Mont-Tremblant for the perfect weekend.

Do you plan to travel to Mont Tremblant? Do you want to move to this beautiful tourist town? Move from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa to Mont Tremblant! A weekend off and you have decided to visit one of the most tourist attractive place in the province of Quebec, Mont-Tremblant. You wonder what you are supposed to do in this spot for the following two days. Here we offer you a list of some activities you should take into consideration to have a wonderful weekend in this amazing town away from all the stress a city can provide. more

10 Awesome things to do in Mont-Tremblant in winter.

Are you planning to move from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant ? Winter has come and you are planning you season vacation in Mont-Tremblant, located approximately 130 kilometers northwest of Montreal and 140 kilometers northeast of Ottawa, Ontario. The 9,494-people city offers several activities during the cold season that have been spread mouth to mouth for several years. The following list would include those activities related directly to the cold weather, although some of them can be done whether it is hot or cold+. Here is the list: more

15 Things to do in Montreal if you're visiting for the first-time

Do you plan to travel to Montreal? Do you want to move to this beautiful tourist town? Move from Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa to Montreal! First time in Montreal and you do not know what to do in the biggest location and second most populated city in Quebec. Some recommendations can vary according to personal experience, but most tourists and city-connoisseurs, suggest the following fifteen activities among the priority to be done while visiting the city. Here they are: more

Why Montreal is the best student city in the world?

Why choose Montreal for your study? Why is the best city for student? Moving from Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa to Montreal . Thinking of studying to Montreal? Thinking of studding to Montreal? Montreal is the second most populated in the country, is the largest city in the province of Quebec in Canada and is one of the major industrial, commercial and cultural centers of North America; studying in Montreal is an adventure, full of learning and charm, it is a happy city and full of culture called capital of culture, since it has a high variety of museums, theaters, and libraries, located throughout the city. more

10 reasons why you should move to Montreal

10 things you need to know when moving to Montreal from Toronto, Ottawa. If you are looking for a place that gives you peace and tranquility, moving to Montreal would be a great choice, you will be well received by the wide variety of foreigners, with Asians, Latin and Europeans. It is the second city with the lowest crime rate; with a variety of green spaces, recreational areas, exercises, meditation, comparison area, theaters, concerts and many cultural activities that are important for the community. more

10 things you should know before moving to Montreal

Thinking of moving to Montreal from Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa? What are the first things that families should do right away when they move to Montreal? If you're planning on moving to the Montreal region, you have plenty to look forward to – but before you move, make sure you check out these interesting facts. We've put together a list of 10 terms and processes you should know about before making a move to Montreal! more

Top 10 tourist attractions in Montreal

Do you plan to travel to Montreal? 10 tourist attractions in Montreal. Do you want to move to this beautiful tourist town? Move from Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa to Montreal! Discover 10 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Montreal, Quebec. You'll be amazed by all the things you can do in the Montreal Area. To simplify your initial Montreal visit, we've compiled a simple list of crowd-pleasing' attractions. Think of it as a “greatest hits” collection of what to see and do in a diverse and exciting city. It's Canada's second largest city and consistently ranked as one of the most lovable cities in the world for good reason. more

Moving from Montreal to all cities from Ontario

Moving from Montreal to all cities from Ontario Move from Montreal to Toronto, Mississauga, and Kitchener, Ottawa or another city from Ontario? We offer a quality residential and commercial moving and storage service from Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil to all cities from Ontario province! Just call us every time; we will give you the best quote! Low Quotes, Best price, last minutes movers, same day moving, cheap movers!Long Distance Moves, House, Home, Apartment, Office, Business, Delivery, Transport Uprights piano and grand piano Moving Companies, Moving service, movers from or to Montreal to: more

Last minute Moving service in Montreal

If you need transport services in Montreal, in an urgent situation, you need a student type moving,or a small residential delivery, or a last minute commercial delivery, call our company and we will gladly guide you through the process, perform your moving in a very expedient, time and resource saving manner. more

July 1st - Moving day in Montreal, be happy with us!

Concerning the traditionally moving on the 1st of July, on the island of Montreal, South-Shore or the Northern-Shore, it may be Laval or Longueuil usually leases expire the 1st of July. This date was established by the community of landlords in order to influence the choice of the tenants in their own favor. Well, this restriction bears additional costs for customers, like the limit on the moving date and time allowed, the price, the availability of trucks, the availability of movers and moving companies. more

Long distance moving companies Montreal - Best price

Are you looking moving companies for your long distance move from or to Montreal? Moving to a new home to or from Montreal can be complicated with many steps involved to ensure everything goes as planned with precision and care. Because of that, you need to find a reliable and experienced long-distance moving company, one you can trust your possessions with such that they won't get lost or stolen, and will arrive safely and in one piece. more

Pool table moving and install in Montreal

The first thing that comes to mind when hiring a moving company are often moving trucks, professionals and boxes, but have you ever decided to look into moving companies that offer more then just your traditional move. more

How good moving arrangements saved my time

Making arrangements before a move can consist of many different tasks to ensure everything has been done correctly, that it can often become overwhelming adding on to your overall stress level. You must not only contact your utility companies ahead of time to make them aware of your move but also post service and of course family and friends. more

Moving companies for students in Montreal

Are you a student and need to move for your studies in Montreal? Are you moving and your budget is limited? When students come to Montreal its often to take advantage of some of the best post secondary education in the nation. Universities such as McGill, and Concordia are known all around the world for their excellent service to students and the experience they gain from attending these institutions. more

Moving companies for seniors in Montreal

Seniors are what makes most cities like Montreal a wonderful place, not only do they help keep a positive environment in most neighborhoods, they are treated with some of the most respect no matter if they are stranger or a close family member. more

Moving home in Montreal? Pack securely and safely!

Are you a student who has moved to Montreal to take advantage of the post secondary education offered here in the city, or maybe you are a young professional who has taken the offer up on a contract position in the work place but now is faced with moving back home. more

Find a perfect storage for your possessions

Ever have something important come up that may request your presence in another country or even domestic state/province in a short amount of time? Something as important as a family emergency, or a birth in the family that requires your assistance elsewhere from your current residence may come up from time to time. more

Reduce moving costs by making a budget

There is one thing in life that can simplify daily routines from buying groceries to purchasing gasoline on a weekly basis is to create a budget, so why not commit a budget when establishing your move to a new home or office? more

Moving companies for your business in Montreal

Are you the CEO of a major company or corporation in Montreal? Maybe you are a small business owner within the city with an opportunity to increase your company’s establishment with a new office location. Often there are many requirements that must be completed to ensure your company is back and running at full capacity in its new location, more

How to find reliable movers in Montreal? Top rated movers!

Ever have a problem with moving in Montreal, or moving anywhere period? It can be a difficult task re locating many of your families’ or companies valuable possessions to a new home or even storage. Your first question when it comes to this service might be where do I start? Given our age in technology there is now more than the classic way of just asking friends or family for reliable service. more

Moving Service from Montreal to Toronto

Montreal to Toronto Movers: are you moving to Toronto and need help? Often this is easier said then done. Toronto, Ontario one of the most populated cities in all of Canada, not only is this a city that attracts new Canadians from all over the world, but also across the nation. So why not move there? Well one of the most essential and difficult tasks involved of course is packing up and moving all you’re prized and valuable possessions professionally and cost efficiently. more

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