Louise Maria


Merci beaucoup Alex !Votre équipe était super. Bonne journée!

Linda Maillet


We were extremely impressed with their work. They kept on going and didn’t stop until the job was done. Our prior experiences with movers was bad, our furniture was damaged. But they were very professional movers and took good care of our furniture. These movers were very good. We’ll be sure to contact this Montreal moving company next time we move. Thanks!

Md. Sofia


Moi Sofia Tousani, Je suis très satisfaite de la prestation de votre Compagnie de Déménagement. Le déménagement s’est bien déroule, Le déménageurs travaillent de manière efficace et rapide. Ils sont de véritable professionnel. Je vous recommande cette entreprise de déménagement. En vous remerciant !



Ce message est pour dire que J’ai été très satisfait de cette compagnie de déménagement. Déménageurs professionnel et polit! Je les recommandes a qui conque, ils ont été très rapides. Merci !

Dunny Greniel


Big thank-you! You were very helpful and very professional moving service. We were moved very quickly without any damage! We would recommend the movers to anybody and would not hesitate to hire again!!! Thanks a lot!

Silvia Demcisina


I am Silvia Demcisina, used the services of this Montreal Moving Company and I was really glad, the job was done quickly and on the high level of quality. All my stuff came save and sound. I can recommend the company as responsible and save. Thanks!



Friendly, efficient and quick movers. They made the moving process less stressful. Montreal Best Movers! Thank you!

Martin Clarke


I was thrilled with the service provided to me by Alex Moving Company. The two gentlemen were very hard working and extremely polite. The best moving company in Montreal! I will be rolling you first on my next move. Thanks!

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