10 things to do in Mont-Tremblant in winter


Planning to move from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant in the winter? It's a good decision! Why? Read these articles to see these 10 things to do in Mont-Tremblant in winter. Winter is here and you're planning a seasonal vacation in Mont Tremblant, located about 130 kilometers northwest of Montreal and 140 kilometers northeast of Ottawa, Ontario. The town of 9,494 people offers many cold weather activities that have been spreading by word of mouth for several years. The following list would include activities directly related to cold weather, although some of them can be done in hot or cold weather. Here is the list: 

Relax to the fullest at the Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant.

If you don't like skiing much or are not considered an expert in the field, relaxing would be the best thing to do when you visit this place. This spa is located on seven acres on the banks of the Devil's River and is open year round. 

Including in the facilities, you can find Scandinavian steam baths with whirlpools, Nordic and thermal waterfalls, hot and cold plunges, Finnish dry saunas, as well as an attractive bar for healthy snacks and juices in a hurry. In addition, there are areas for relaxation with hammocks, terraces, solariums and fireplaces. In addition to all the facilities, massages are included in the Spa.

cross-country skiing

There are more than 100 kilometers of trails in the area for this activity. In addition, five cross-country ski areas offer four rental centers, and four ticket booths to go between classic, skate, or tour. After finishing one of the choices, you can warm up with a cold coffee at one of the centers.

Skiing and snowboarding

With a total of 96 trails, 14 lifts and 269 hectares of skiable terrain, Mont Tremblant offers an incredible experience for alpine skiers and snowboarders. Four mountain sides offer different qualities, ranging from steep practice runs to more expert runs. These are the activities with the highest number of participants in the region. An advantage of skiing and snowboarding is the clear skies, while at the top of the mountains you can enjoy the view of Lake Tremblant and the village. And if the last elevator is taken, the sunset would be an exciting sight.

Dog sledding tour

From early December to late March, basic sledding training is provided before gathering and harnessing your own pack of dogs and making the six-mile journey through the snowy forest. Usually this activity is done in pairs – depending on several factors such as weather and weight distribution. It's a two hour experience and it ends with a cup of hot chocolate in a log cabin in the woods.

Go ice fishing and other ice related activities.

Try ice fishing and you'll share in a historic Canadian pastime. The city's activity center organizes an organized trip to the area's frozen lakes and guided by expert ice fishermen, you can catch fish such as poke, perch and smallmouth bass. Other ice-related activities include ice climbing and ice skating.


Using fat tires and taking advantage of Mont Tremblant's trails, snow biking is an outdoor activity that can be done in place of skiing. A word of caution to expert riders in warm weather; fat biking requires much more effort than summer biking.

Play at the casino.

So, sports is not something you are very proud of, and you prefer to stay indoors avoiding the cold and snow, the Casino is your place to stay. Numerous machines, baccarat, poker and blackjack are the main attractions of this gambling place and on top of that, there is an Altitude restaurant that offers the best view of the hills.

Dune Buggy Adventure

Skiing, snowboarding and other snow-related activities are the main reason to visit Mont Tremblant, but there are other options for people who don't like these events.

One of them goes for a buggy ride in the snow. There are two ways to participate in this activity: first, you can take a ride with a guide who will take you through the woods on the outskirts of Mont-Tremblant National Park. The other choice is the adrenaline ride where you are the only driver in this adventure.


It was a means of transportation used in Quebec for ages, but today it has become the ideal way for families and adventurers to discover the original winter nature. In the region, there are 36 trails spread over the five districts where you can do "Raquette" as it is called in the region. Whether you take easy trails like Lac des Femmes or more challenging trails in the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant - like Sentir de la Roche, stop every now and then to listen to the absolute silence and watch the snow fall softly on the ground.

Take a break in the snow

After a day in the mountains in cold weather and a day of intense activity, it's nice to get away from the cold for a while and visit the European-style village in the area for some shopping. There are more than 35 stores where you can buy clothing and even stores selling maple products ranging from syrup to maple butter ice cream. But the options for getting out of the snow in Mont-Tremblant are not limited to shopping.

The aforementioned Casino is another way to temporarily escape the cold, and other options include eating in the city's many restaurants and cafes for a good meal to end (or start) a day.

And after a long, activity-filled day, the best way to end it is in a log cabin in front of a fireplace while sharing a nice cup of hot chocolate with your favorite person.

And, certainly, you will spend an unforgettable and memorable winter with your couple and your children in the future.

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