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Moving to Rimouski from Montreal


Important information you need to know before you start your move to Rimouski from Montreal. Rimouski, Quebec is a city located in the eastern region but primarily northeast of Quebec City along the Saint Lawrence River. Like other cities found in the province of Quebec, Rimouski has a founding date in the 1600s before the forming of the country Canada. Currently Rimouski has an approximate population of 42 240, with the majority of the population speaking French followed by English speaking residents. Not only is the city of Rimouski a popular tourist attraction for Canadians and citizens in the United States, but also a great transition moving from Montreal to Rimouski. 

With enough planning in advance and budgeting moving to Rimouski from Montreal can be stress free and correctly executed. The distance from Montreal to Rimouski is approximately 536 kilometers, which can translate into approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes of driving depending on the destined route you have decided on taking. If taking the most direct route from Montreal to Rimouski you would travel alone the Autoroute 20 East until merging onto the QC-232 east ramp and making a right hand turn entering the city of Rimouski. Equipping your move with local road maps or portable GPS systems are always an informed decision to ensure no mistakes are made on route. While traveling to Rimouski from Montreal you will pass a number of cities such as Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Quebec City, La Pocatiere, Rivere-du-Loup, Saint Fabien, until finally making it to the city of Rimouski.

When selecting a moving company for your move from Montreal to Rimouski its always a great suggestion to investigate with the Montreal movers if they have experience in long distance moves or moving to the city of Rimouski in general.

Due to Rimouski’s geographical location in Quebec it is a major regional center for the province and hosts a number of post secondary institutions for those planning on moving to the city for educational purposes. Rimouski is considered to have the largest group of francophone and bilingual institutions in a variety of different fields.  The Universite du Quebec a Rimouski hosts a campus; institute maritime du Quebec (IMQ) Institute de sciences de la mer (ISMER) as well as a few others in the field of oceanic sciences and technology. The Maurice Lamontagne institute also hosts a campus, which is run by the federal department of fisheries.  There is also a Cegep de Rimouski for those who are open for university preparation courses or for completion of their high school diploma.

Unfortunately there is no public transportation offered in Rimouski on an hourly schedule to assist with residents in the city who do not have the luxury of their own vehicle, however there is a public bus services that runs and makes stop within the city and moves on to other destinations run through Orleans Express. La Societe Des Transports De Rimouski does operate a paratransit service for those who do not have the ability to travel without assistance or walk a minimum of 400 meters. Via rail also has a station connecting passengers to Quebec and Montreal as well as east toward the Maritime Provinces and a ferry service, which is the quickest crossing of the Saint Lawrence River in the province.

Selecting a new home or apartment can be the most enjoyable part of your move. Often there are many services online that can help you and your family fight the perfect place that will be enjoyable and suit your needs at the same time. There are a variety of homes on the market however apartments can sometimes be scarce. Searching far in advance of your moving date will ensure that you are not left disappointed in being rushed into a place that you did not expect. Researching on average rental rates or costs of home will also better equip you for when dealing with a potential landlord or real estate agent.

Rimouski has a cultural life like no other, every year it hosts the Fest Jazz International de Rimouski and a popular film festival known as the Carrousel international du film de Rimouski. There is also a museum that commemorates the tragedy of the Titanic sinking which attracts tourists from places in Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Taking the opportunity to visit Rimouski before your destined moving date will not only better acquaint you with your future home but a chance to take advantage of the hotels and restaurants offered in the city. The majority of the restaurants all sit on the lakeshore giving a wonderful view of the water no matter the hours of the day. No matter your budget on the visit, the accommodations are also affordable and present breathtaking views such as the Gouverneur Rimouski, and the Hotel Rimouski.

Moving from Montreal to Rimouski can be complex with many steps implicated to ensure everything goes as planned with precision and care. Thus finding a reliable and experienced long-distance moving company is important when planning such a large move. Finding a reliable mover can give you the satisfaction and peace of mind keeping you focused on other tasks involved during the move.

Selecting the right moving company or long distance movers in Montreal in general without the appropriate research can be time consuming, however checking company references, prior satisfied customer referrals, and that the moving company you choose operates or has operated in the past with the city you'll need to move to will always keep you one step ahead in your move.  

If you want to move your piano or pool table to Rimouski from Montreal, ask if the movers have experience and all equipment for that!

Selecting our moving company Montreal Déménagement Économique ALEX - you are going to make sure your possessions are safely and securely transferred, and that this is done as quickly as possible. The choice is up to you!


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