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Moving to Windsor from Montreal


Important information you need to know before you start your move to Windsor from Montreal. Windsor Ontario also know as the City of Roses, is primarily a city in Southwestern Ontario that is heavily populated with the American City of Detroit sitting directly cross the Detroit River. Currently Windsor has an approximate population of 216 473 with the population growing 5% at the turn of 2001. Twenty-one percent of the current population describe themselves as French-Canadians within the city of Windsor, however the majority of the population speak English as a first language.

Researching the distance from Montreal to Windsor is important due to the fact the amount of travelling involved is severe and can be very exhausting if you or the moving company you choose for your move is not prepared for what is being asked when committing to such a huge and important move. Geographically speaking Montreal is located 893 kilometers from Windsor, which can be translated into approximately 10 hours and 10 minutes of driving depending on the speed of the vehicle and your destined route. If taking the most direct route from Montreal to Windsor, you would travel along The Autoroute 720 West until merging onto the Autoroute 20 West. You will travel along the Autoroute 20 West until crossing provincial borders into Ontario, where the highway will change names to Ontario Provincial Highway 401 West. The majority of your travelling will be done on this road until taking exit 14 to merge onto County Road 46. Make a right onto Walker road and continue on this road until making a left on Somme Avenue, and a left on Kildare Road, you will be now in the heart of Windsor. Equipping your long distance move from Montreal to Windsor with local road maps or a portable GPS system will ensure no mistakes are made in transit, although the route to Windsor is very easy to navigate. During your move to from Montreal to Windsor, you will pass a number of cities once passing the Ontario border such as Cornwall, Kingston, Trenton, Cobourg, Oshawa, Picking, Toronto, Cambridge, London, Chatham, Tilbury, Comber, until making it to the city of Windsor.

Windsor has a number of opportunities in the field of education for those looking to move to Windsor solely on advancing your educational achievements. Windsor is home to the University of Windsor, which is Canada’s southern most University. The school was founded in 1963 with a number of buildings dedicated to Medical, Dentistry, and Engineering, creating opportunities for those planning on making a life long career in any of those fields. Windsor is also home to St.Clair College with over 6500 full time students annually. There are a number of public education instructions in primary and secondary education as well as one private school dedicated to French immersion known as Academic Ste. Cecile International School. Researching which school will best suit your needs or your child’s needs, will always ensure you made the right choice.

The residents of Windsor are serviced by a public transportation know as Transit Windsor. Currently TW has 14 routes with 104 buses currently servicing 6 million riders annually (25 000+ daily) Recently the TW has started using diesel -electric hybrid buses as per the alternative diesel fuel buses creating an opportunity for other cities in Ontario to focus on reducing its green house gas emission’s and improve fuel economy over all creating cheaper prices for its 6 million riders each year.

Often when getting to the part of your planning and prepping for your long distance move from Montreal to Windsor, selecting a new home or dwelling can often be the most exciting and most enjoyable not only for your self but for everyone involved in the move. The city of Windsor offers many different affordable dwellings in a downtown urban setting or a suburban community keeping your over all choice on moving to Windsor a safe one. Often it will come down to over all budget and preference of you and your family, the most popular areas are South Windsor and areas close to the University of Windsor.

Recently Windsor has hosted a round of Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2009 and 2010, which is a course that was set up on the Detroit River that crossed right over both the Canadian and American Border. It not only creates media attention but also draws huge crowds from both sides of the river. Visiting the city before your destined moving date will not only condition you for the large amount of driving that is involved in this move but to also better acquaint you with the local streets and beautiful city sky line that reflects on the Detroit River. Windsor has a number of affordable restaurants that are experts in Pizza, Pub, Italian, Asian or traditional North American cuisines to fit any occasion with you or your family. There are also a number of affordable hotels and motels that are available to make your stay in Windsor, an enjoyable one such as The Caesars Windsor and the Hampton Inn and Suites Windsor. Often it will come down to your over all budget and preference of your family.

Executing a long distance move from Montreal to Windsor can be accomplished with enough budgeting and careful planning. When searching for Montreal movers to assist you with your long distance move from Montreal to Windsor, investigating the prospect company for past experiences in Ontario or moving clients to the city of Windsor in general, will ensure a stress free move during this transition.

Moving from Montreal to Windsor can be complex with many steps implicated to ensure everything goes as planned with precision and care. Thus finding a reliable and experienced long-distance moving company is important when planning such a large move from Gaspe to Montreal. Finding a reliable mover can give you the satisfaction and peace of mind keeping you focused on other tasks involved during the move.

Selecting the right moving company or long distance movers in Montreal in general without the appropriate research can be time consuming, however checking company references, prior satisfied customer referrals, and that the moving company you choose operates or has operated in the past with the city you'll need to move to will always keep you one step ahead in your move. 

If you want to move your piano or pool table to Windsor from Montreal, ask if the movers have experience and all equipment for that!

Selecting Montreal Movers ALEX - you are going to make sure your possessions are safely and securely transferred, and that this is done as quickly as possible. The choice is up to you!


Good luck and happy moving!

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