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Moving to Ottawa from Montreal


Important information you need to know before you start your move to Ottawa from Montreal. Ottawa, Ontario is the capital city of Canada and also the second largest city in the province. It is often a very popular place for not only a choice in post secondary education but retirement and as well a choice for many moving from Montreal due to the amount of French speaking population within the city.   

Planning a long distance move to Ottawa from Montreal or Montreal to Toronto can be accomplished with the proper budgeting, planning and researching, ensuring a successful long distance move.

Ottawa is located in the Ottawa valley, which is associated with the Ottawa River that creates a provincial boundary between both provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Similar to other major cities like Toronto, Ottawa is made up of a number of smaller neighborhoods that make up the geography of the city.  The city of Ottawa has a main urban district but also many suburbs and rural areas that are within the city limit stretching in all directions (east to west, north to south). Currently the city is organized into twenty three wards which vary in the amount of population density. Currently Ottawa has an approximate population (with surrounding townships of 1 451 415 residents.

If making a decision on moving to Ottawa from Montreal, a few factors must be kept in mind when preparing for traveling. When choosing Montreal movers to assist with your long distance move from Montreal to Ottawa, investigating the prospect company for referrals of past clients, or determining if they have past experience moving clients to other provinces such as Ontario will ensure you made the right choice and keep your mind at ease during this transition.

The distance from Montreal to Ottawa is approximately 165kms (102 miles), which can be translated into 2.25 hours of driving depending on speed and desired route taken to the city. If taking the most direct route to Ottawa, you would travel along the Trans Canada Highway, which changes names from Autoroute 40 West (Quebec) to highway 417 West (Ontario) in the municipality of Le Bout- du- Bois Dansant. As you continue west along highway 417 you will continue to pass smaller communities such as Stardale, Skye, Casselman, Benoit, until finally making it to the last stretch up the green belt into the outer limits of Ottawa.

However there is another way of traveling to Ottawa from Montreal but it may add on an extra half hour of driving. Depending on where your final destination it is always beneficial to research the best and efficient route to take prior to your move.

Residential Moving to Ottawa from Montreal, if you are movingwith a family, it’s always good to look into information about school and post secondary institutions that will help make your move stress free and successful for the years to follow. Ottawa offers three award-winning universities in the city Carleton University, University de Quebec a Hull and the University of Ottawa, and also offers two community colleges Algonquin College and La Cite Collegiale. Ottawa U is one of the oldest universities in Canada and is also bilingual which will simplify things if you or your family speaks French as a first language.

If you have not found an opportunity to search for a new home or apartment there are many resources within the city to help ensure that you find the right dwelling that suits your needs. If you have prior access to the Internet before your move the city of Ottawa, you can easily navigate ways to a dwelling and also things that you should keep in mind when selecting a home or apartment in Ottawa. The web site gives access to provincial legislation that either the renter or homeowner should be aware of. Some basic facts such as the average prices for apartments can be helpful when trying to negotiate a price with a real-estate agent or party. Depending if you are experienced with navigating through some websites on the Internet, popular sites can offer a few suggestions on homes or apartments that are currently being listed by owner or agents within the city.

Unlike Montreal, Ottawa has a limited service of public transportation (no underground metro) but still offers an award winning public service for its residents. The OC Transpo has over one thousand buses and three trains that are in services seven days a week. No matter your destination within the city limits, the OC Transpo offers reliable services at an affordable price. 

Once you have established a desired place to live in Ottawa you may need to visit the city before moving from Montreal to Ottawa. If you have a family that will be moving with you to Ottawa, often taking the family on a small trip to the city will not only give them a better idea of what the city looks like but also the experience of being in a new place you will soon call home. Ottawa offers many different restaurants and hotels that will accommodate you when coming to the city before your final departure from Montreal. Depending if you have a taste in different types of international cuisine, Ottawa offers food from Vietnam, Italy, India and other countries that makes the culture in Ottawa so diverse. You also have a large selection of hotels or motels that not only offer an affordable price but also beautiful views of the city that can make this small visit before your final move one to remember. Some popular hotel destinations are the Hampton Inn, Cartier place suite hotel, Residence Inn by Marriott just to mention a few.

No matter your final departure dates from Montreal to Ottawa, doing your research on your new home city can be a lot of fun and excitement for the entire family. Ensuring you have left enough time to plan and figure out where important places within the city are located such as hospitals and government offices will keep you on top of any situation that may come about when finally settling in Ottawa.

Executing a long distance move to Ottawa from Montreal can be accomplished with enough budgeting and careful planning. When searching for Montreal movers to assist you with your long distance move from Montreal to Ottawa, investigating the prospect company for past experiences in moving clients to the city of Ottawa in general, will ensure a stress free move during this transition.  

Best Montreal pianos movers, if you want to move your piano or pool table to Ottawa from Montreal, ask if the movers have experience and all equipment for that!

Moving from Montreal to Ottawa can be complex with many steps implicated to ensure everything goes as planned with precision and care. Thus finding a reliable and experienced long-distance moving company is important when planning such a large move to Ottawa from Montreal. Finding a reliable mover can give you the satisfaction and peace of mind keeping you focused on other tasks involved during the move. Selecting the right moving company or long distance movers in Montreal in general without the appropriate research can be time consuming, however checking company references, prior satisfied customer referrals, and that the moving company you choose operates or has operated in the past with the city you'll need to move to will always keep you one step ahead in your move.

Selecting the cheap and reliables movers from Montreal - you are going to make sure your possessions are safely and securely transferred, and that this is done as quickly as possible. The choice is up to you!

Good luck and happy moving!

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