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Moving to Hull from Montreal


Important information that you must to know before to moving to Hull from Montreal. Hull is the central and oldest section in the city of Gatineau Quebec. Geographically speaking the city sits directly north from the capital city of Canada Ottawa in the province of Ontario.

The city has a long history not only in politics but also with the creation of the country in general, sometimes being a popular area to settle down for many residents in the province of Quebec. Currently the city has an approximate population of 66, 246 prior to the amalgamation in 2002. Like many cities in the province of Quebec the majority of the population in the city speak French approximately eighty percent, compared to the nine percent that speak English as their first language.  Hull is located near both the Gatineau and Ottawa River, with a number of crossings into the province of Ontario. Many federal and provincial government offices are located in Hull due to the close proximity of the country’s capital.

If the city of Hull has caught your attention and even convinced you and your family to make the transition of moving there, the distance and time to get there is very short which can make a move there successful in more then one way such as planned budget.

The distance from Montreal to Hull, is approximately 204 kilometers, which plays out to about two hours and twenty-four minutes of driving, depending on your designated route and speed of the vehicle. During your move  to Hull from Montreal, you will be passing a number of cities in both the province of Quebec and Ontario such as Kirkland, Vauderuil-sur-le-Lac, Radisson, Rigaud, Stardale, Casselman, Ramsayville, until making it into the city limits of Ottawa and re crossing provincial boundaries back into Quebec to the city of Hull.

If you move to study, we offer a Student Moving Discount for all moves from Montreal  to Hull. Unfortunately the city of Hull does not offer any post secondary education institutions but the City of Ottawa however does offer many universities and programs that are offered in the French language. However the city does offer many public elementary and secondary schools in the region, if requesting information on the different schools such as private schools offered to the residents in the City of Hull and Gatineau area.

The city of Hull does offer a public transportation system with bus routes around the city and connecting to the city of Ottawa, to simplify the lives of students who may be enrolled in the post secondary institutors within the city of Ottawa. The services are called Societe De Transport De L’ Outaouais. Currently the services operate with 288 buses, 62 routes with almost 19.3 million riders each year serving Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau, Buckingham and Masson-Angers areas. Monthly passes bought with this service are also valid with the OC transit system that operates within the city of Ottawa.

If getting to the point in your move where you now have to find a new home or apartment in the city of Hull, there are many resources available to ensure you find a dwelling best suitable for yourself or family. Many of these services can be found online with options to search in the general area of Hull and Gatineau. Depending on your preference some homes or apartments can be furnished, often making a move easier on your budget and your over all plan involved. If you are ready to make your next residential move, then we are here to help. Get the best quote for your moving needs from best Montreal residential movers

Moving to Hull from Montreal, it’s always a great idea to visit the city not only to get your awareness of your new potential home but to also have the ability to make the destination route safely and properly. If you have a family its also a good idea to take them with you to make a weekend of the trip. If you decide that staying over night at a popular hotel and to take advantage of the many restaurants offered in Hull and surrounding area is beneficial, then Hull offers many accommodations and eateries that are excellent in making this trip one to remember. 

No matter on your planned date of departure from Montreal to Hull,  doing enough planning on route and budget will always ensure a successful move runs smoothly making the transition to Hull an enjoyable one. 

If you are planning to move your upright piano or grand piano to Hull from Montreal, we are ready to give you the best quote and service, experienced movers and all equipment for that! For your pool table, we offer you a professional move and installation service for all models and size of pool table or snooker.

If deciding on a moving company from Montreal to assist in a move from Montreal to Hull, be sure to ask the company if they have any experience in the city of Hull and know their current traffic laws.

Good Luck and Happy Moving

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