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Moving to Sherbrooke from Montreal


Important information that you must to know before to move from Montreal to Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke Quebec has a reputation for being a primary economic and political society for being the sixth largest city in the province of Quebec.

Due to its history and metropolitan area it’s often a popular moving destination for many who live in the areas surrounding the city of Montreal and Quebec City. Geographically speaking Sherbrooke is located between two major waterways, the Saint-Francois and Magog Rivers, which often attracts many who decide to move to the city in general. Just like Montreal and the majority of the province of Quebec, the most common language spoken in Sherbrooke is French with almost ninety percent of the current population speaking the language, followed by English.

If making a decision on moving to Sherbrooke from Montreal, much planning should be prepared for when establishing the right time to make the move to this beautiful city. The distance from Montreal to Sherbrooke depending on your desired route taken is approximately 149kms which is about 1 hour 49 minutes of driving, however can spread to an approximate maximum of 2 hours and 11 minutes depending on your route and speed of the vehicle.

Planning ahead and doing your research on which route is most efficient to your final destination will always save you time and money in your over all budget. If deciding on taking the most direct route to Sherbrooke from Montreal, you would ultimately travel along the Autoroute 720 west, merging onto other highways such as the Autoroute 10 East. Keeping close watch on specific exits are key when traveling to this destination from Montreal, so preparing with maps or a personal GPS system if possible will help eliminate the probability of mistakes while in transit.

If deciding on a moving company from Montreal to assist in this move to Sherbrooke from Montreal, asking the moving company if their familiar with these highways and the city of Sherbrooke in general is a great place to start.

While on route along Autoroute 10 East to Sherbrooke you will be passing other cities and smaller communities such as Brossard (which is located just south of Montreal) the municipality of Carignan, Mont-Orford, Omerville (note that you will merge into QC Highway 112 East at this point) Rock Forest, until finally making it to the outer limits of the City of Sherbrooke. Once again planning your route ahead of time will always make a move more successful.

Public transportation within the city is vast when it comes to bus and train services. Transdev Limocar provides bus services to the City of Montreal, as well as Societe de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) provides bus services within the city. There are currently seventeen bus routes, eleven minibus routes and five taxi bus routes.

If you move to study, we offer a Student Moving Discount for all moves from Montreal to SherbrookeThe city of Sherbrooke has many important places to take note of incase of emergency situations or even places of post secondary education. Within the city there are two major hospitals but also smaller CLSC clinics available in the surrounding areas of Sherbrooke. The most general Hospital would be the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke located not far from the QC highway 216 but located on 55, Rue Brooks. Keeping note of these places are a good idea incase of emergencies that may come up in the present or future. When it comes to education the city offers a number of public high schools within the heart of the city not far from Rue King West, often selecting a home or an apartment that is not far from these education institutions, may simplify things for your children if they are expected to attend. Post secondary institutions however within the city are limited; there is one French language university known as the Universite de Sherbrooke and an English language university known as Bishops University. Depending on your choice of study it’s always good to look into which education institutes offer programs that will benefit your choice of study. Also there are three CEGEP’s (community colleges) two of which are primarily French spoken.

When getting to the point in you’re planning on finding a home or apartment within the city, the local government offers a website to help with advice for its current approximate population of 300,383. The website offers average monthly rent for apartments and as well comparisons of other cities within the province of Quebec to get a better understanding of what you should be looking for when it comes to searching for a future dwelling. If you are ready to make your next residential move, then we are here to help. Get the best quote for your moving needs from best Montreal residential movers

If you have the ability to visit Sherbrooke before finally making your departure to the city, often taking the time to enjoy the scenery and food within the city can often help burn off some stress and have you become familiar with the city a little bit more. Sherbrooke offers many restaurants and buffets that are in wide variety. No matter if you enjoy Asian, deli, Greek or a traditional bistro, taking advantage of these popular cuisine can help your over all move when ever the time comes. While in the city its never a bad idea to even spend an entire weekend in Sherbrooke, given your only a few hours from Montreal, the trip back would not be a big burden on your over time table. The city of Sherbrooke also offers a wide variety of hotels at affordable prices that are generally spread out all over the city. The majority of the hotels are located on King street West, such as the Delta Hotel, Quality Hotel and Hotel Le President. Taking your family with you on such an occasion will really create a lot of excitement and experience in your soon to be expected new home.

No matter your final departure date from Montreal to Sherbrooke taking the time to plan and prepare for a transitional period in your life will not only make your move successful but an enjoyable one for years to come. If deciding on a Montreal moving company to assist in a move from Montreal to Sherbrooke, be sure to ask the company if they have any experience in the city of Sherbrooke and know their current traffic laws.

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Good luck and happy moving.

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