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Moving to Toronto from Montreal


Important information you need to know before you start your move Montreal to Toronto. Toronto, Ontario is the largest city in Canada, and also the capital city of the province of Ontario. Many residents who live in southern Ontario or in the greater Toronto area (GTA) often choose Toronto as their place of work or study for a number of reasons. If deciding to move to Toronto from Montreal there are many things to keep in mind to ensure a successful move is established and executed.

What you must know about Montreal before you move into Toronto is the difference in the language, or even cost of living that is a big difference between both cities. Toronto is considered the economical capital of Canada, which sometimes plays a factor into the cost of living for renting of apartment or homes and public services that are offered to the residents of Toronto.

Just like Montreal, Toronto is made up of surrounding municipalities, Markham (North York), Scarborough, Etobicoke, East York, Vaughan (York) and the downtown core. The city offers public transportation into the city for residents who cannot get around in their own personal vehicle. The Toronto Transit Commission is a very popular service in the city with a number of bus routes and train services that connect to the GO Train and bus services as well.

If deciding on a moving company from Montreal to assist in a move from Montreal to Toronto , be sure to ask the company if they have any experience in the city of Toronto and know their current traffic laws.

When comparing Montreal to Toronto, a lot of the laws can be similar but many are different such as making right hand turns on red lights, which can be often common in the city of Toronto unlike the streets of Montreal. Toronto also enforces many by laws that keep heavy-duty trucks from side streets not only to preserve the roads but to also keep the residents in retirement areas satisfied.

The distance between Montreal and Toronto can be a bit lengthy depending on the amount of traveling your prepared to do in one day. Often the trip can last anywhere from four to six hours on the road, asking the moving company if their familiar with the Toronto highway system such as the crown highways 401, 404, QEW (Queen Elizabeth express way) Don valley park way and the newest road system knows as the 407 express toll route. The 407 has been around for more than a decade now but to drive on the 407 you often have to pay a toll fee that will be mailed to your current address located on your vehicles license plate. Vehicles registered in Quebec are permitted to drive on this toll route but of course without doing some research on this system can sometimes lead to a costly bill especially if using large vehicles such as a moving truck.

When trying to make a decision on where in Toronto you would like to settle down, planning far in advance will always lead to a successful move. Look into the demographics of each smaller city attached to Toronto. If you belong to a minority, sometimes often sticking to an area that have many from your background will help establish friends or even asset if you have children that would like to go to school in an area that will make a transition easier for them in the long run. Toronto has many different minority groups and little “villages” such as china town, little Italy etc.

If you are moving to Toronto from Montreal and only speak a majority of the French language, then often finding an area in Toronto that may be predominantly French not only Quebecois but an area endorsed from France it self may a lot help ensure you have made the right choice in settling in. The 9-1-1 emergency services in Toronto are trained to respond in over 150 different languages which is a plus for any new Canadian or citizen moving to Toronto and may need emergency services.

Student Moving Discount Montreal to Toronto, if you have children that may be attending post secondary education, Toronto offers many different colleges and University that’s specialize in different programs. Some of the intuitions located in Toronto and the GTA are The University of Toronto, The Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Ryerson University, Seneca College, Humber College, Centennial College, and George Brown College. There is also a satellite campus College Boreal (francophone) Often much of the public transportation works toward getting students to these places on time and at discount prices during regular school hours. Before making a move to Toronto, often researching important areas that should be remembered will also assist your in the future. Toronto offers many different Hospital services, and has a very large Police services to help ensure that the citizens in Toronto are kept safe with today’s changing society. Finding an area that best suits your needs far in advance will often keep you from worrying about the safety of your neighborhood.

Toronto is a very cultural city and every year holds special events such as the Caribana festival, which takes place in mid July to early august in the summer. Often this attracts many people from around the world, so deciding when the best time to move to the city is also important that your not stuck in traffic or forced to re route your trip due to road closures for special events or demonstrations. Planning ahead will always lead to success.

If you want to move your piano to Toronto from Montrea and you need pianos movers, or pool tablel, ask if the movers have experience and all equipment for that!

No matter your reason for moving to Toronto from Montreal, taking advantage of the beautiful city and different culture compared to Montreal is always a good way to experience what this beautiful country has to offer. Planning ahead, and doing your research in any move no matter the size will always keep things on time and on schedule for when you are ready to continue your life with your family in a new city.

Good luck and happy moving!

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