Why July 1st is moving day for all of Montreal's tenants?

Why is July 1 day moved Montreal? Concerning the  traditionally moving day on the 1st of July, on the island of Montreal, South Shore or the Northern Shore, it may be Laval or Longueuil usually leases expire the 1st of July.  This date was established by the community of landlords in order to influence the choice of the tenants in their own favor. Well, this restriction bears additional costs for customers, like the limit on the moving date and time allowed, the price, the availability of trucks, the availability of movers and moving companies. All the above are well known stress factors for the simple Montreal citizen.


Moving on the 1st of July in Montreal, it is already stressful, without mentioning the unexpected occurrences, like: the unregistered moving companies, the inexperienced movers and lack of equipment, as well the complete ignorance of the contractual agreement terms from the part of the movers, which make the mixture for a very stressful, annoying and financially damaging experience.


How can an ordinary Montrealer safeguard from such situations on a date as important as the 1st of July moving? All in all, it comes to selecting beforehand the most reliable company to deal with. It is a great idea to have a prior small delivery from the same company, just to ensure the quality and the contractual credit of the company.


Why be forehand? In order to avoid dealing with an amateur that plans to start his moving company for the moving season only, while foreseeing the monetary incentives deriving from this date’s prices, as the 1st of July moving day in Montreal or surrounding area, as the professional companies, active all year long deplete their availabilities very soon, getting harder to find as the high season approaches.


Our company performs its transportation activities all year long and our team of movers does not have long breaks in their experience, so that their skills are kept sharp all year long. We have very competitive prices and most importantly we are contractually reliable. We possess the necessary equipment and maintain it in good condition. We have the skills to provide a quality customer service and an after follow-up. Our company provides a range of services, including the assembly and disassembly of furniture and sports equipment.


For the high season, we recommend our services, which guarantee not the lowest, but a very competitive price range, as well we guarantee a reliable, professional and punctual service Demenagement Montreal.


Save on your stress and budget by engaging our team of movers, a guaranteed means of avoiding the high season’s moving mess.


As a bonus, our company offers a guiding service, in order to ameliorate your moving. Just call, book and ask for preparatory counsel, as our team would be more than happy to instruct you on how to best prepare for the high season moving, things, like the parking, the ways of access free of encumbering objects, separating the boxes to one room,  and taking out all from the shelves and emptying the furniture of everything they contain, disassemble the mirrors and place them separately, and all glass shelves and works of art in a separate location, ensuring a decent sanitary level, unplugging and preparing the electric appliances, not putting additional stress on movers, while cooperating etc, etc.


We guarantee the quality and the price as very competitive, we guarantee professionalism and reliability.  We are here all year long; we will be here in the high season when you will need our services as well, the 1st of July moving date inclusively, in Montreal or the surrounding areas, rest assured!

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