How to find reliable movers in Montreal? Top rated movers!

Ever have a problem with moving in Montreal, or moving anywhere period? It can be a difficult task re locating many of your families’ or companies valuable possessions to a new home or even storage. 

Your first question when it comes to this service might be where do I start?
Given our age in technology there is now more than the classic way of just asking friends or family for reliable service. 


The World Wide Web has brought a lot of simplicity to our lives; a local company search makes the task of finding a Montreal moving company one hundred times easier and stress free. You could do your own research on these companies to see if they live up to their reputation often stated in their mission statements or web site.

Often the newspaper is still the first place many families or corporations look for moving companies that are strong in the moving industry, but that’s not to say you should stop short with just the local gazette.


You may question the companies that are listed. Are they reliable? Professional? Are they going to treat your items like their own items? Doing some fact finding and asking some basic questions can help ease your mind when researching the perfect moving company in Montreal.

Some things to look for in a professional moving service are:


- Integrity - The quality of being honest and having strong principles.


- Professional - Person(s) competent and skilled in the industry.


- Efficient – Achieving maximum productivity


- Friendly – Favorable and serviceable

We understand that living in North America many companies in all industries try to give their clients the best bang for their buck. You go to a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire before smaller business because they offer everything you may need in one location, once again making your life stress free and time efficient, so why cant a moving company offer the same service?


A handful of moving companies have the ability to offer more then just your traditional move, even have the facility to offer storage. This is where most corporations or even antique collectors may come into the picture; often you want to have a Montreal moving company and storage so that you are assured they will take care of your items in a state of the art facility. One that’s protected with a security system or even security personnel and not the company owner’s personal garage.


Let’s face it; we can’t predict the weather, and sometimes faced with short notice in trying to make a move successful. This is another attribute that you should look for when searching for a company, one that is faced ready for any obstacle such as a short notice move.  Having a company that is dedicated to your short notice schedule can often lift a lot of burdens off your shoulder instead of creating more of a hassle for you.


Montreal is a city full of students, and students are often on a budget something that creates another obstacle when trying to make your move successful. When looking for residential moving services in Montreal, ask if they offer student moving discounts. This sometimes will not only apply to students but to the elderly as well. If a company offers discounts it shows honesty, that they are not in the business to take your money, but to save you money.

Moving doesn’t have to always be about moving homes or office furniture but can also apply to personal or corporate events such as fundraisers and weddings. Anyone who has set up their own personal event or wedding knows this is a huge impediment in scheduling so why not leave it to the professionals? This is another feature you may want to research in companies, if they offer this service it can often represent excellent service and reputation.


The best way to commit to a move is to make a battle plan. This can include a budget or even a set list on how everything should be done. This will save you a lot of time instead of just moving and packing boxes into trucks.  If you request help, make sure the moving company that you have chosen has the right amount of crew to get your job done in an efficient manner.

One of the last points that you may want to research about a company before making your selection is distance. Given Montreal’s geographical location (Island) this is often the most important aspect of a move, if distance is a major requirement to your move it may end up costing you a lot more than originally intended. Ask the moving company if they have special requirements on distance, this may even involve moving as far as Toronto, Ontario. If a company commits to long distance moves to other provinces  from Montreal they often have distance rates. Consulting the company before the move about distance would often save you a lot of time, money and disappointment.


Best of luck and happy moving.

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