10 reasons why you should move to Montreal

Peace and tranquility in Montreal

10 things you need to know when moving to Montreal  from Toronto, Ottawa.  If you are looking for a place that gives you peace and tranquility, moving to Montreal would be a great choice, you will be well received by the wide variety of foreigners, with Asians, Latin and Europeans. It is the second city with the lowest crime rate; with a variety of green spaces, recreational areas, exercises, meditation, comparison area, theaters, concerts and many cultural activities that are important for the community. As well as respecting each of them as citizens we are and more if we have constant visitors in this case would be immigrants or foreigners. Montreal with its French influence catches everyone and more if you come to move to Montreal.


The university education in Montreal

The educational system is very different because it has no rules, or pressure measures where the student feels compelled to take a career, the educational system is autonomous, with greater freedom for students, where it must abide by rules that are essential for coexistence. It is a system that has worked so well that 90% of the population exceeds the level of education, most with doctorates or postgraduates but do not stay alone with what they have already done. On the other hand, the life of a student is very economical, more so for those who are an immigrant where they are being offered equally the opportunity of learning.


Culture in Montreal

One of the main characteristics and that attracts more students and tourists is the level of culture that Montreal has, in all aspects, music, theater, museums, parks, recreational area, sports areas, is surrounded by much culture, knowledge, besides a nightlife but, what predominates for Montreal is university education, specialization in the area you want to prepare, for Canadians education is paramount as well as culture, provides spaces for learning, such as libraries, art museums , anthropological and dynamic. Where its structure is a combination of two distinct but complementary eras, the old with the modern.


Security in Montreal

It is the second largest city in Canada and with the lowest rates of insecurity, I do not mean that we can not prevent, but if there is a harmony between the community of Montreal where the rules are respected and they are obeyed for a good coexistence , since it is for a better lifestyle and we are all responsible for it, it is here as citizens we should be more aware, with what does not surround and Montreal has it, not only because it is the busiest, but because of its commitment to with the citizens. Improving each aspect of your daily life.



We know that for some the rules, it is not one of your favorites but they are an essential part for a country and city, to be able to coexist as individuals, we must follow simple and simple rules. In the city of Montreal that rules apply, if you want to move to Montreal you must follow them, how to respect the weekly transit, respect the environment, respect citizens, create discrimination, respect your green areas, park, gardens among others, Respect private property, personal objects and public order, among others. Each of these rules are fundamental and although they are basic rules they are very important because they maintain an order in the society that is established.

Health System in Montreal

The health system is extremely economical, compared to other countries, for those who are residency with their temporary has no difficulty, personalized attention. The health system provided by Montreal is effective, Canadians give priority as it is the most important for citizens, to provide medical care. Obviously, it is not completely free, it is paid by means of taxes and payment to taxpayers. Which is what we pay each of the citizens. So if you were hesitant to move to Montreal with this description, they were clarified, since it has a good health system, safe and reliable.

If you are gay, freedom in Montreal

Human rights and freedom of expression are respected and this implies for the gay community, who are respected their human rights, zero discrimination and freedom to establish themselves with their partner, regardless of their sexuality. Gay marriage is approved.


Ease of paperwork

In Montreal it has a great efficiency, for the completion of procedures and documentation, be it a certificate, documentation, licenses etc .; Without any problems and fewer delays in the system, it is fast, efficient and efficient for all citizens without elections. Therefore I would dare to say that important the agitation of documents and more if they are governmental, Canada-Montreal are an example of the organization and excellent judicial treatment.


Montreal good place to live

A splendid place to live, where you have the freedom to know, learn, eat, drink, and enjoy life, it is a young, vibrant city where you are always active and what predominates is your culture. If you are looking for a place to live and be surrounded by museums, libraries, bars, restaurants, coffee, moving to Montreal is for you, who are looking for all those comforts and entertainment. Montreal has an excellent recreational environment, green areas, fun areas, traditions, and above all that combination of the old with the current that makes it so interesting and that many young people see it as attractive. Observe each building and see them as conserved unlike others, but that would be the essence of the city.

Food in Montreal

At a gastronomic level, they do not stand out for having impressive chefs, but if you have the essentials, for all its citizens, especially for Montreal, where the number of residents varies, from all over the world, but there is a great variety that Mexicans can perform , their tacos, the Venezuelan their arepas and a lot of Chinese food and its ingredients. Being a port city has the advantage of a wide variety of supplies, for all citizens. So Montreal is the right place to live if you seek that variety of cultures and more the essence of the city that catches you with just talking about it, is an ideal city for young people who seek to experience, know and are fascinated with almost everything .

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