10 Things to do in Mont-Tremblant for the perfect weekend.

Do you plan to travel to Mont Tremblant? Do you want to move to this beautiful tourist town? Move from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa to Mont Tremblant! A weekend off and you have decided to visit one of the most tourist attractive place in the province of Quebec, Mont-Tremblant. You wonder what you are supposed to do in this spot for the following two days. Here we offer you a list of some activities you should take into consideration to have a wonderful weekend in this amazing town away from all the stress a city can provide.    



In Mont Tremblant you would have the opportunity to practice your golf skills in the two 18-hole courses designed for these sport lovers. You can choose between Le Diable and Le Géant courses and have a great time. But if you get really excited about playing this sport, you can enroll in the Golf Academy located in this paradisiacal Canadian city. Of course, this activity is limited to warm times at Mont Tremblant, so do not expect to practice any further in winter season.



A pleasant habit among people in the province of Quebec, and in whole Canada as well, is craft beer. Once you are spending your weekend at Mont-Tremblant, there are two places you can pay a visit to try some local beers made by people from the spot. The first one is Microbrasserie La Diable where you can grab a cold craft beer and eat some sausages or some healthy food to accompany your beverage; the second place is Microbasserie Saint-Arnold, a shop specialized in making on site beer, producing more than 10 different sorts of this drink; food is also essential in this restaurant using beer as a base for meals’ preparation.



Relaxation, the first reason to spend a weekend away from home, can be easily reach at the Mont-Tremblant Spa Scandinave. Full of Norwegian Steam Baths and Finnish, the center offers you with specialized people to help you reach the relaxation required; and to top that, some other personnel would offer a good massage to continue the ease feeling there.  



Once you are done with skiing, snowboarding, a day at the spa, or any other of the activities the picturesque mountain area would offer; you can also take advantage on your time there and go around the different places the charming pedestrian village in Mont-Tremblant. Take your chance and register at one of the hotels on town for the weekend, take advantage of prices of the exclusive boutiques and buy the most exquisite designs, or dine at more than 35 gourmet restaurants where you can try some typical dishes are some of the activities you can do while you are in the village.



With a free-charge trail network, enjoying the great outdoors is an activity nobody should refuse to do while spending a weekend at this marvelous spot. In you pay a visit in summer, you can go on any of the 11 hiking trail for newcomers and experimented hikers. It is recommendable that you take the chance to go and hike to the highest peak in the area and enjoy the landscape at 875 meters high. 



But if your weekend takes place during winter, skiing, snowboarding, and even cross country are some of the good options to take into consideration involving snow and cold weather. Furthermore, sliding with the whole family is a must for a wonderful weekend; and taking a trip through the snow either driving a dune buggy or going on a ride on a fat bike during winter time or on a standard bicycle in summer is an activity you must not forget to look forward to. But in the fast action rides are not a thing for you, you can still go up and down the slopes by taking a snowshoe tour starting at the peak and end it at Refuge du trapper where you can enjoy the old fashioned way of living when electricity and running water were not part of our daily assets.



Choose your pack of huskies to lead you through the winter snow and the mountain trails and feel free to pick a guided trip or become the guide of your own sled. At the end of the trek, you would be able to reward your pack for the well-done job and the great time they have offered.



If you are not the adventurous type or not very fond of any sport activity, you can enjoy the Casino located at this mountainous place. Try your luck on the slot machines or on a good card games such as blackjack or poker. Whether winter or summer, do not hesitate to give your luck a try and get some easy money while having a great weekend.



Being at Mount-Tremblant and do not enjoy the amazing view from the top is a real waste of time. Once there, one of the things you should not forget to do is to spend some time taking a ride on a helicopter. Give yourself a treat and enjoy the incredible views of the mountains, slopes, trails, lakes, rivers, and forest of the place while going through air in a fantastic and unforgettable trip.



Mont-Tremblant is not only a place for physical activities or a ride; from time to time in a year the town opens itself to celebrate different forms of art or performing activities. If you weekend visit to the village is included during the first days of the month of July, you will be a lucky guest to enjoy the International Blues Festival. At that event, more than 100 shows are organized for the enjoyment of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Folk and other music lovers. All the village becomes a great stage with concerts and performances given at any given location for the pleasure of locals and visitors.


Well, there you a 10-to-do list if you decide to take a weekend away from your sometimes stressful big city. And the list does not end there, what we have mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg, because the Mont-Tremblant area always have an ace under its sleeve to surprise its guests all year long.


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