Planning to Move to Montreal? Tips to Find Apartment

How to find an affordable first apartment in Montreal? Montreal is a big city and for you to find the right apartment, you have to go through hundreds if not thousands of ads while filtering out the obvious scams. So let us serve as your guide for finding your ideal apartment. Here are some tips on how to find your perfect residential rental in Montreal. Learn how to find an apartment in Montreal from my own experience as a tenant for many years.


Finding the right and good price renting apartment in Montreal is not an easy process because of the size of the city. Anyone who has gone through apartment hunting in Montreal can attest to this fact and it gets even more complicated if you have budget constraints. However, this article will make it easy to find the right apartment for you that can afford in Montreal.


Snagging the perfect apartment might sound harder than it actually is, especially if you're new to the rental search process. Before you start taking uber rides, checking one apartment after another, spare some time to make sure that you do the following:


-Sit down and create a list of things that you must have in an apartment
-Stay organized during your search to create a narrowed down list of your ideal apartment
-Make sure that you have everything when inspecting apartments so you can fill the application form once you find the perfect place. This is important because the competition is stiff, and you can lose out if you fail to act fast.


The end game is to find the right spot that fits your lifestyle. So, think about what you want and create a list of where you can fit in. 


The Right Apartment Might Not Be Online


Many people, especially young people looking for a place to rent in Montreal, think that everything is online, and you can’t blame them since Montreal is a technically advanced city.


What are the best websites for finding an apartment/house to rent in Montréal? Kijiji and Craigslist are popular platforms when looking for an apartment but at times, the best options might not be online.

So, what do you do? Easy, spare a day or two and take a metro through the city and look for “for rent” signs.

Don’t just check the ordinary places, go deep, and see what other options are out there, you might find a diamond in the rubble. There will find the right location for your budget and needs.


Don’t Hold Back, Check Everything!


This is the part where having a list of what you should check for is important.

Don’t make the mistake of hurriedly going in and out of an apartment because you don’t want to inconvenience anyone.

Go through all the key areas in the apartment and check whether everything is working as it should.

The key areas include:


-The bathroom – check whether there’s water and make sure that the water pressure is good. Don’t forget to check for hot water and also, don’t hold back if you want to flush the toilet to see if it's working correctly.
-The kitchen – check for bugs under the sink and the taps for water pressure levels.
-Ceilings and walls – water damage is a big concern so check everywhere for any signs.

In Montreal, you have to commit to at least a year so if the apartment doesn’t appeal to you, move to the next one.


Chat with the Neighbors


The information that you can gather from the neighbors is priceless, so, speak to them and ask the right questions. Sometimes they can offer good ideas how to find best locations or places for your future apartment in Montreal.

Ask about their experiences and whether they have issues with the landlord.

For instance, it can be disruptive to your living experience if the landlord doesn’t ensure that maintenance repairs are done on time.

Also, you’ll want to confirm whether the heating is alright, the nature of the windows and whether the common spaces such as the hall and the laundry area are kept clean.


Don’t Sign a Lease Before You Understand This


Before you sign your lease, read all the points carefully, make sure you understand what you're signing. Your signature means that you have read the lease, agree to its terms and conditions.

You don’t have to put up a security deposit or pay any application charges to secure your ideal apartment.

The only money that you should give your landlord is the first month's pay when you commit to an apartment. Make sure that you get a copy of the lease that you sign.

You should get a receipt for any money that you give to your landlord.

On top of that, you should never pay for any finder’s fee in Montreal because it’s illegal.


Information that You Should Provide


What should I know before signing a lease in Montreal? The only information that your prospective landlord should ask you is:


-Full names
-Active phone number
-Current address


This information is important to landlords when running a credit check on their potential new tenant.

Your landlord is also allowed by the law to check your payment history to avoid future payment conflicts. This means they can get in contact with your current landlord to get this information and even your conduct history.


With this information, you are bound to find the right apartment in Montreal and when you do, make sure to contact one of the best Montreal movers. Find the right Montreal moving company that will move you to your new apartment easily and cheaply.

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