How do I find a good storage unit in Montreal?

Ever have something important come up that may request your presence in another country or even domestic state/province in a short amount of time? Something as important as a family emergency, or a birth in the family that requires your assistance elsewhere from your current residence may come up from time to time. Moving all your possessions in such short notice may cost an arm and a leg but finding an alternative such as home storage can save you large amounts of money and time.


There are many different types of storage solutions for your needs available in Montreal that you can select from, including: indoor and outdoor storage sheds, large and mini storage units, full service self-storage facility that are designed for your security, safety and convenience.  Having many different options for storage facilities in Montreal can only save you money in the end because you have the choice on the size and amount of time that you would like your possessions in storage.

When looking at short-term storage facilities they often come in the form of self-storage units or public outdoor storage sheds. The majority of the time often if your furniture can withstand changes in the temperature they can be stored in outdoor storage sheds however not everything you may possess can take to Canadian climate changes so looking toward heated storage facilities will sometimes be your best solution not only to preserve your furniture but to keep a peace of mind while you are away from home.

When researching into long term solutions for your storage selections full service self storage facilities are always an excellent choice not only for the security and safety of your possessions but because commonly most of these companies will keep in close contact with your self to establish a relationship, overall ensuring that you made the right choice.


When looking at storage facilities this does not have to limit you to just short or long term moves from home, most companies that acquire a large amount of paperwork that are deemed important to the company can also look into storage facilities for document storage, storage of replacement furniture for the office, or maybe the company is in the works to move into a new office and has a few months before the new lease can be finalized. No matter if its long term or short term, furniture and business storage solutions are not difficult to achieve in Montreal.


When preparing for your move into storage facilities, and depending on the size you have selected in a storage unit, packing can be the number one key to ensure that you have enough space for all your possessions. Packing smart can only lead to success. Putting most of your possessions into boxes that are generally easy to stack maximizes the amount of space you have in height in a unit. If you have furniture that can withstand limited amount of weight, then often keeping a space that furniture can be positioned will also keep mistakes from happening while you are away as well ensure the safety of the staff incase they ever have to access your storage unit.


As with any move, doing your research on Montreal moving companies and self-storage companies can always ensure you get the most out of the company.  Finding out how long they have been in business is the best way to start. Often companies that have been in the city for a long period of time can shows that they are reputable, and trust worthy in the community.


If you have decided on looking toward outdoor public storage options, asking the company if they have large fences, security, or even a guard dog on site can often discourage thieves from ever attempting to break into the units. It does not hurt to ask the company bluntly if they ever had a problem with thieves in the past and if they did, what have they done to correct the issue.


Is the company insured against fire or flood damages? Given the power of mother nature, these things as well as accidents can happen from time to time, and the majority of the time your possessions may be very important and sentimental to the family, finding out the answer to this question will be one of the best ways to keep your mind at ease while your possessions are in storage.


Some of these same questions such as insurance and security apply as well for larger and indoor storage units. Having an indoor storage unit can minimize the chance of having a flood but of course fire is still probable with any building in Montreal. You can sometimes ask the company if they have a night watch or private security that stays on site during the long hours of the night to ensure that your possessions or office equipment is safe twenty four hours a day seven days a week.


Depending on how much you plan to store in self storage facilities indoor or outdoor packing smart and doing your research weeks sometimes even months before will always give you the upper hand ensuring success, if you know that you will be leaving the city and need a storage facility be sure to find what you are looking for right away ensuring you get the size you are looking for and never have to be disappointed.

Good luck and happy storing.

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