Moving home in Montreal? Pack securely and safely!

Are you a student who has moved to Montreal to take advantage of the post secondary education offered here in the city, or maybe you are a young professional who has taken the offer up on a contract position in the work place but now is faced with moving back home.  No matter your choices on leaving the city, when moving home packing securely and safely are key to making sure you have a successful move.

Packing securely can consist of many different requirements given you may have a lot of possessions that require a number of boxes but where to start? Often packing rooms together is the best way.  Depending on when you have decided to move, leaving the kitchen to last is often the best step because while you are making preparations for a move you can still use kitchen utensils sometimes even up to the last day you move.


If you have children, sometimes their rooms are best to start with, group their items together and label the boxes, keeping organized will minimize mistakes and keep from breaking hearts in the end.  One of the best suggestions is to color code your boxes, instead of taking the time to read what’s on the box; a colour code system will save large amounts of time. 


Depending on the amount of boxes you will need, there are many different options to help make sure you don’t have a shortage on supplies. If you have already found a professional residential Montreal moving company, ask them if they supply cheap moving boxes that will help you from running around the city looking for proper moving boxes meant for the job. Often asking liquor or grocery stores for boxes can lead to damage of your possessions.


There is a major difference between long distance moving and short distance moving when it comes to packing securely and safely. If you are moving internationally or local to another state or province then you must take many steps to ensure that nothing becomes damaged during transit.  If you have made the choice on moving to another province such as the Ontario, which is south to the Quebec, sometimes asking a professional moving company for advice on how about you should pack things is one of the best ideas. Most of the time these companies understand what the border agents would be looking for in a search, so packing smart in this context will only save you time and embarrassment at the border.


If moving lacal, you don’t have to go through as many steps as long distance movers, but does not limit you to still asking for advice. The majority of the time, Montreal professional moving companies can offer services to help pack smart which in the end saves you time. During this instance you can also obtain a free online moving estimate to see how much you can squeeze into your budget. Nationwide moving can be very expensive if not properly planned and executed.

If you find that you can give up some of your possessions to friends or family members this will lead to less of a load on the entire move. Creating a garage or yard sale on items that can be replaced at the same value at the new home will not only create more of a currency flow in your budget but as well take away from the heavy load in your move.  Sometimes you may have furniture that has been worn out or not worth taking the time and effort to bring with you. Often cheap furniture removal is your best decision if you have acquired a lot of furniture over the years deemed warn out or damaged.


When packing boxes into your vehicle or moving truck, always ensure you are packing boxes properly and firmly, this will not only keep your possessions from being damaged, but also ensure the safety of the moving company and yourself when getting to your new house. What you must know when moving into a new house is that there are many elements that can damage your furniture on arrival. When arriving, be sure to clean the areas you would like to place your furniture. Depending on the age of the house, or the amount of time its last been occupied, its always a good idea to check for infestation or signs that animals and critters have been in the house. Checking the ceilings for water damage is another excellent starter point on directing where your furniture should be placed; if you find water damage try to keep that area clear of any important items.


No matter where your destination is, moving home can be very simple with enough planning, proper budgets and professional residential movers from Montreal who are ready to take upon your requests. Always plan ahead to ensure you have obtained the proper supplies and remember to stay organized, not only does this keep mistakes from happening but also ensures the moving company a fast and efficient move.

Good luck and happy moving.

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