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You need to move to Boisbriand? As a moving company, we move homes, apartments, & businesses/commercial.  We're a professional local moving company created to move all for the best price and stress free! We have professional packers on staff that can pack your kitchen or your entire home. Our moving companies team of experienced and reliable movers in Boisbriand for all moving needs!

First set up as a municipality under the name of Sainte-Therese-Ouest in 1946, its name was changed in 1974. The name recalls Michel-Sidrаc Dugué, Sieur de Boisbriаnd (1638-88), to whom was granted the seigneury des Mille-Îles in 1683. Boisbriаnd, Qc. City, pop 26 483 (2006c), 26 744. First set up as a municipality under the name of Sаinte-Thérèse-Ouest in 1946, its name was changed in 1974. The name recalls Michel-Sidrаc Dugué, Sieur de Boisbriand (1638-88), to whom was granted the seigneury des Mille-Îles in 1683. He had given the name Boisbriаnd to the fief he had been awarded on the shore of the Lаc des Deux-Montagnes in 1672, and it was the name of one of his fаmily's properties in France. Boisbriаnd is the home of the only Québec-based General Motors automobile assembly parts.

Bois-de-l'Île-Bizаrd Nature Park is a lаrge park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located on the island of Île Bizаrd in the borough of L'Île-Bizаrd, Sаinte-Geneviève. Boisbriаnd have beautiful park. Lots of different landscapes. Two access points to water, which is nice since the rest of the island's shoreline is privately owned. There are several exciting things to do in Boisbriаnd. From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Boisbriаnd. Discover new places to see and unique things to do nearby Boisbriаnd. Don't miss out on these amazing sights at Boisbriаnd.


If you want to move your home to Boisbriаnd our teams of qualified movers in Boisbriаnd always ensure a safe completion of your move. The move is an extraordinary situation for everyone! With careful planning, cheap movers and well trained and high-quality services, Boisbriаnd each move can be a success.

Moving can be very wearisome, particularly if you have a lot of things to move. Packing up all your things, properly, hiring a truck, loading the truck, driving the truck to your new home, and then unloading the truck again.  It's very time-consuming and it probably makes you tired just thinking about it. So, if you want to minimize the negative effects and stretch your moving choose our company.

As one of the top Montreal moving companies, is involved in providing local moving and packing services in the Montreal. Over 95% of our clients are satisfied to very satisfied with our services. Our moving company understands the pressure that our clients feel during their move and strive to offer extra features that are intended to make your experience easier. Our goal is to relocate you from point A to Z without any stress. Our moving company Boisbriаnd goes to a high-quality standard.

Home moves are always a challenge. Everything must be well thought out and well prepared: Planning, the implementation and results. To make your work easier, call in Boisbriаnd our company that is willing to offer you advice for your future move and cheap services Boisbriаnd. We will send you professional movers to help you plan and provide advice and assistance on site at your residential move.

You want, move a piano in Boisbriаnd an address to another or inside your house, apartment without damaging the place, the walls and above all instrument? No Problem! We are happy to send you professional and experienced movers for your move to Boisbriаnd upright piano.

Also, we have professional movers for your billiard moving in Boisbriаnd including removing your billiard, transport and winding the destination address.

We have enough equipment and trucks to do the two moves simultaneously and in more you can save your money. Make your move certain and stress-free!

We offer the best price or fixed rate transportation service to all cities in Quebec and Ontario. Boisbriand move to Trois-Rivières, towards Gatineau, Boisbriand to Hull, to Granby, to Joliette, towards Rawdon, to Saguenay, Rimouski, towards Baie-Comeau, to Matane, to Sainte-Adèle, to Shawinigan, to Alma, moving Boisbriand to Quebec, moving Boisbriand to Sherbrooke, moving Boisbriand to Magog, towards Chicoutimi, to Jonquière, Labaie, moving Boisbriand to Drummondville, to Magog, moving Boisbriand to Ottawa, moving Boisbriand to Mont-Tremblant, Boisbriand to Gatineau, Boisbriand to Sherbrooke, Saint-Sauveur, towards Val-David, moving Boisbriand to Toronto, moving Boisbriand to Chicoutimi, to Gaspe, to Saint-Georges, to Saint-Jérôme, Boisbriand to Victoriaville, to Thetford-Mines, Saguenay, Sorel, to Rouyn-Noranda to Val-d'Or, move Boisbriand to Rimouski, to Rivière-du-Loup.

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