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Brossard moving at the best rate, reliable service, available 7 days! Our movers are well trained and the best equipped in the industry. That's why we are committed to providing reliable residential movers, friendly and professional, in which families can trust – and afford. 

What is the cost of a move to Brossard?

Our price for the local moving service in Brossard is 65$/hour (before May 20 or from July 4) for a full equipped truck and a driver, no movers. For a complete moving service, truck and movers, the cost depends on the number of movers and the distance where you are and where you are going to move. And our minimum is two hours of work plus travel time, depends on the distance, but usually it's one hour. The total cost of your move will be evaluated according to your real needs: date, floors, distance and number of movers. 

How much does it cost to move to Brossard?

How long does it take to move? The time required to move depends on the specific circumstances of each individual case. Note that these are average costs for a simple move.

  • Studio: 2 movers / 4 hours 
  • 1-2 bedrooms: 2 movers / 5 hours 
  • 2-3 bedrooms: 3 movers / 6 hours 
  • 3-4 bedrooms: 3 movers / 8 hours 
  • 4 bedrooms and more: 5 movers / 8 to 10 hours


Furniture movers in Brossard:

We move: bulky furniture, appliances, fragile antiques, heavy objects like pool tables, pianos - our experts can handle it. And if you have trouble moving or transporting your piano, let our movers take it for you. We will provide you with all the protection for your floors, carpets, walls. 

Last minute move Brossard

Need of emergency movers or on the same day in Brossard? When you choose to go with our moving company, you can relax knowing that every step of your move will be stress-free. Our professionals are there to help you and take care of your property, apartments or houses! We are here for all your needs!

For your move to Brossard, we offer you the best price! We know moving day can be a stressful time, even if it's a long distance moving, our residential movers or commercial movers will make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. Our movers are professionals who will take their time to ensure your moving needs are met in full!


Pool table moving in Brossard

Billiard table moving and installation service in Brossard. Complete billiard table installation service. We move all brands and models of pool tables. Professional movers, well equipped will save you time and money!


Moving piano Brossard

Do you have an upright piano or a grand piano to move? Need to move your piano quickly due to an emergency? We have a solution, contact us! You want to move your piano by the best company at a reasonable price in Brossard? If you're a musician who owns a piano, you probably know that moving an instrument of this size takes experience and the right equipment. Fortunately, our movers have the knowledge and resources to make your move a success!

Brossard piano movers

Best price for piano moving in Brossard

You are moving your piano from one room to another or to a new house or apartment and you want to take your piano with you, but maybe you are wondering about the best and safest way to move piano! Our piano movers can move any type of piano, including upright pianos, grand pianos, baby grand pianos and any size pianos we move with using a dolly, piano board, moving piano with a crane. 

Long Distance Moving from or to Brossard

Long Distance Moving from the warehouse to the office or home, we are committed to providing you with the best quality moving services from Brossard to another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario? Our moving company offers a host of moving services that help you move into your new home with a smile on your face. Whether you're moving an apartment, condo, or house, we make sure every room is moved with care to avoid damage. Our movers take the time to properly pack and secure each item to be moved, while ensuring that your valuables reach your new home safely.

Approximate long-distance moving prices from or to Brossard for a 3 1/2 apartment. 

Moving price from Brossard to:


DestinationPrice Distance 
Moving Brossard to Ottawa950-1350$207km
Moving Brossard to Toronto1950-2450$543km
Moving Brossard to Kingston1350-1750$289km
Moving Brossard to Quebec995-1450$252km
Moving Brossard to Drummondville650-950$104km
Moving Brossard to Gatineau950-1350$212km
Moving Brossard to Sherbrooke750-990$132km
Moving Brossard to Saguenay1850-2450$459km
Moving Brossard to Matane2450-2950$628km
Moving Brossard to Rimouski1850-2250$537km
Moving Brossard to Magog750-950$112km
Moving Brossard to Saint-Sauveur750-950$85km
Moving Brossard to Saint-Georges1300-1750$325km
Moving Brossard to Shawinigan750-990$178km
Moving Brossard to Victoriaville950-1250$159km
Moving Brossard to Trois-Rivieres750-990$152km
Moving Brossard to Levis950-1450$240km
Moving Brossard to Gaspésie2850-3850$914km
Moving Brossard to Granby650-950$70km
Moving Brossard to Chicoutimi1900-2450$448km
Moving Brossard to Mont-Tremblant950-1090$140km
Moving Brossard to Joliette650-850$85km
Moving Brossard to Alma1900-2450$475km

Are you planning a long distance move? Trusted movers for all types of moves; residential, commercial, house, apartment, pianos. We offer transportation service at the best price or fixed rate to all cities in Quebec and Ontario.

Movers at the lowest price among the moving companies in Brossard.

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