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Moving service in Duvernay, Laval

Can I get a good price for my Duvernay, Laval move? It’s possible! Contact us today. OUR moving company will accompany you throughout your move down to the smallest detail. Your move will be secure at all times: from the moment of loading until the time of arrival at your destination. Call us, ourqualified and experienced movers are here for a complete moving service.

How much does a move cost in Duvernay, Laval?

moving DuvernayThe rate for a local residential move varies from $95 to $125 per hour (with two movers and a truck). This price is valid for a move in Duvernay and includes the use of a 20-foot truck, two movers and all the necessary equipment for a local move of less than 30 km.

Please note that packing supplies, moving piano, pool table, marble table and items weighing more than 80 kg are not included in this price. The rate may vary at the end and beginning of the month and only applies to low season, i.e. before May 20 or after July 10.

Duvernay moving service, always at the best price.

For a service of quality move in Laval, entrust your belongings without fear to our qualified and experienced movers. Our team of experts will take care of all the steps of your Duvernay moving process, regardless of the volume and your destination. All your belongings are packed with innovative packaging materials and carefully loaded into our clean and regularly inspected trucks.

Residential moving service in Duvernay, Laval.

The service we offer is complete, with particular care taken at each stage of your residential move to Duvernay. Our highly experienced movers have all the qualities required of a professional mover and implement their expertise to meet your needs, from the simplest to the most complex.

Office relocation in Duvernay, Laval.

We are experts in project management for moving business goods to Laval: office furniture, electronic devices, laboratory equipment or factory machinery. Our team is trained to pack and unpack your belongings with the utmost care. All electronic equipment, such as network cabinets and server racks, are packed by IT specialists in boxes specially designed for this purpose. The material is then transported in air-suspended vehicles.

Moving and installation of billiards in Duvernay, Laval.

moving pool table DuvernayBilliard movers that offer better service and lower rates in Duvernay. We will complete the set and all types and models of pool tables.

Move your pool table with us, well-equipped movers that will save you time and money. We act quickly and efficiently to avoid any loss of time and any inconvenience for the staff.

How much does it cost to move a piano in Laval?

The price of moving the piano to Duvernay depends on several factors. Moving the piano in the same city, the cost will start at $275 for a small upright piano with only a few steps and up to $850 for a grand piano, a baby grand or an upright with several stairs or difficult access . The price depends on:

The cost of moving the piano is influenced by:

  • Piano type – grand piano or upright piano
  • The region and distance to move the piano
  • Difficulty moving the piano – such as stairs, tight turns and the need for special equipment

Moving piano to Duvernay, Laval.

How to move an upright piano or a grand piano to Duvernay? A piano is an object that requires special attention and suitable transport of the instrument in the best safety conditions. Do not neglect the safety conditions and trust piano movers with real know-how. Find the best transporter to move your piano and save on moving costs a piano by comparing offers and quotes from experts in your area.

Long-distance moving from and to Duvernay, Laval.

Why is a long distance move more expensive? What are the solutions to reduce the price of your move and how moving company can it help you save money and better prepare for your move? The cost of the services of long distance moving est calculé individuellement pour chaque client. The price depends on the destination, size and volume of your move and additional services. Contact us to find the best solution for your long-distance moving quote.

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