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Important information you need to know before moving to Halifax from Montreal. Halifax was the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, even before it became the Halifax Regional Municipality. The city of Halifax has a rich history that dates back to long before the founding of the country. But the city was also the site of the biggest explosion during World War II, known as the Halifax Explosion which was one of the biggest explosions in North American history. Currently Halifax has an approximate population of 285,831, the majority of whom are English-speaking. Moving from Montreal to Halifax can be accomplished in a successful and stress-free manner with enough financial planning and work organization.

About the city:

Distance and travel time are important elements of a long distance move. Like the one between Montreal and Halifax. They require careful planning and proper research. Geographically, Montreal is located 1239 km from Halifax, which represents approximately 14 hours and 4 minutes by road. This may vary depending on the speed of your vehicle. As well as your itinerary.

Directions: 1

The most direct route to Halifax is Highway 20 East. You must then take exit 499 for the Trans-Canada/Highway 85 towards Notre-Dame-du-Lac/Cabano/Degelis/Edmundston/QC-185/Nouveau-Brunswick. Take Highway 85 South. Once you cross the provincial border. Highway 85 South will become Highway NB-2 East. After about 100 kilometers you will be on the NS-104 East which is a toll road.

Directions: 2

Take Exit 15 to merge onto NS-102 South towards Halifax / Truro. Slight left onto NS-118 South and continue onto Woodland Avenue. Turn left again onto Victoria Road/NS-322 South, then right onto Nantucket Avenue. You will cross the Macdonald Bridge (toll road). Now turn right onto the Barrington Street ramp and merge onto North Street. You are now in the city of Halifax. It is very important to bring appropriate maps and a portable GPS system to avoid any possible mistakes during the trip and after, during the move.

Probability of passing zones

During your move from Montreal to Halifax, you will pass through a number of cities such as Drummondville, Quebec, St. Pascal, Rivière-du-Loup, Cabanc, Limestone, Fort Fairfield, Woodstock, Fredericton, Salisbury, Moncton, Amherst, Turo, Stewlacke, Elmsdale, until you finally arrive at your destination.

Beautiful places and restaurants in Halifax for traveling

The city of Halifax was made up of a number of neighborhoods. and small communities since its merger in the early 1990s. Currently, the city is divided into districts with their neighborhoods. These include the North End, West End, Quinpool, South End and Spring Garden.

Some of the neighborhoods that are in these districts are: Armdale, Bayer’s Lake, Beechwood Park, Boulderwood, Bridgeview, Clayton Park, Convoy Place, Cowie Hill, Fairmount, Fairview, Fernleigh, Green Acres, Hydrostone, Jollimore, Kent Park, Leiblin Park , Melville Cove, Mulgrave Park, Rockingham, Sherwood Heights, Spryfield, Thornhill, Wedgewood and Westmount Subdivision.

The Education Opportunity in Halifax

In the city of Halifax, there are many opportunities for post-secondary education.

Currently, the city has more than 7 university campuses. Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, University of Kings College, Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, CompuCollege and Saint Mary’s Business Development Centre.

Find the institution that best meets your needs to optimize your educational future.

Proper and judicious research is important and necessary. Halifax also has several public schools. In case you have children who will have to attend these establishments. There are a few English primary and secondary schools.

About transportation in Halifax

The city of Halifax has a public transit system known as Metro Transit. The system moves passengers using buses and ferries. Currently, the service has 315 buses, with more than 2,000 stops and 29 different routes. Approximately 50,000 passengers use Metro Transit daily. They say it is a reliable and affordable service.

Halifax Apartments and Neighborhood

Choosing a new home or apartment can be the most interesting and exciting part of moving for you and your family. Homes and apartments are readily available as Halifax is a large city surrounded by riverside communities and rural areas. Often when it comes to choosing a home. Many questions arise, such as the size, date and how the house is built. Educating yourself on local and provincial laws will give you a head start on choosing a house or apartment. Also, research average house prices. So you will not only make a good purchase. Also, you will be better prepared when negotiating with a future landlord or real estate agent.

Know your move and your moving company

Whatever your reason for moving to Halifax. With good pre-planning and research in all your endeavors, you will be able to achieve the desired result quickly. So that you can pursue your new life with your family in a new city. This way, you will be satisfied that you made a smart decision. This will give you peace of mind during this important transition.

Moving from Montreal to Halifax can be a complicated affair. There are many steps to go through to ensure that everything is done correctly and with great care and precision. It is therefore very important to find a reliable and experienced long distance moving company. A reliable and competent moving company can undoubtedly bring you satisfaction and peace of mind. As a result, you will be able to focus on other tasks during the move and save your valuable time. Without proper research, you may not receive quality service. Check the references of the moving company. Research references from past clients and their level of satisfaction with the work performed by the company in question. Check to see if the moving company you choose does or has done moves in Nova Scotia or Halifax in general in the past.

By choosing the service of déménagement ALEX – You ensure that your goods and belongings will be handled safely and professionally. And that it will be done as soon as possible. The choice is yours!

Good luck and happy moving!

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