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Important information to know before organizing a move from Montreal to Rawdon. Rawdon is a small municipality in Quebec located north of Montreal in the administrative region of Lanaudière and near the Ouareau River. The town itself has a deep history dating back to the first colonization in 1799 at the time of World War II, when people from all over the world fleeing war came to settle in Rawdon, including Russian families and families coming from Eastern Europe. Currently, Rawdon has a population of approximately 10,058, 84% of whom speak French as their first language, compared to only 10% of Rawdon residents who speak English. The distance between Montreal and Rawdon is not great, however for a successful and stress-free move, financial planning and good work organization are necessary.

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Geographically, Rawdon is located 74.8 km north of Montreal, with approximately one hour and five minutes of driving which can vary depending on the speed of your vehicle, as well as your route. The most direct route to Rawdon remains Highway 25 North. Most of your trip will be on this highway, until the road changes name to Qc-125 Nord/QC-158-Est. On Autoroute QC125 North turn left and keep an eye out for signs and boards indicating Sainte-Julienne/Rawdon/Saint-Donat. While keeping a watchful eye on the signs indicating QC-337 Nord, you will obviously turn right to join QC-337 Nord. This road will take you within the city limits of Rawdon.

It is very important to bring appropriate road maps or road maps of the province, as well as a portable GPS system, during the trip in order to avoid any possible errors during the trip and the move. On the way to Rawdon, you will pass through a number of towns such as Terrebonne, Pont-Mousseau, Saint-Espirt, Sainte-Julienne, until you finally arrive at the destination.

Since Rawdon is a small municipality, it does not have any post-secondary educational establishments, however neighboring towns such as Montreal have universities and colleges. Rawdon has one English public school and four French public schools. The majority of the area is known for its growing population due to tourism and country houses which are often used in the summer. There is also a driving school located on Queen Street in Rawdon which is quite popular with those who have their own vehicle for shopping and for daily tasks. The phone number and address below can help those who would be interested in taking the necessary steps to obtain a driver’s license for the province of Quebec. St-Amour FC Driving School 3816 Queen Street, Rawdon, QC J0K1S0 (450) 834-3010.

Unfortunately, there is no public transport system in Rawdon, but there are a number of private bus companies that operate lines in Rawdon to connect locals to other destinations such as Montreal. Germain Perrault and Gil-Ber Inc are the two most popular companies that connect the city not only to Montreal or the province of Quebec, but also to other cities in Canada. These two companies do not yet have websites for information purposes but both phone numbers are available if you are interested in knowing what they offer Rawdon residents.

Quite often, choosing a new home or apartment can be the most interesting and exciting part of a move. Researching and learning about local and provincial laws will keep you ahead of the game when choosing a house or apartment, and give you bargaining power in a conversation. with a future owner or a real estate agent. Researching local laws is important as they vary from municipality to municipality in the province of Quebec.

The choice of real estate in Rawdon is vast, it is just a matter of preference for you and your family which could vary according to your family budget.

Rawdon is considered a cultural community in the region with over 40 different cultural influences in the region. Every summer, the city organizes a festival called Le Festival Interculturel, which helps in the recognition of the cultural links of the municipality and gives a spirit of openness for all the existing cultures in the city. Whatever the season and the reason, take the time to visit the city before your final move. This will allow you to get to know not only the streets of the city better, but it will also give you the chance to familiarize yourself with its conditions; but also to enjoy what the city has to offer in cuisine and accommodation.

There are a number of lakeside restaurants offering international cuisines such as Chinese and Italian cuisine. Since Rawdon is not as far by distance from Montreal, it is still a great opportunity to take advantage of affordable hotels and accommodations if your family members would like to visit the city one day to take advantage of its services. For those who prefer rather basic accommodation, there are a number of bed&breakfasts.

Be sure to choose a moving company that has experience in long-distance moving or that has already done moving work to the city of Rawdon. This will ensure professionalism and quality of work.

Moving from Montreal to Rawdon could be a complicated affair, with many steps involved to ensure everything goes smoothly and with great care and precision. Thus, finding a reliable and experienced company in long-distance moving is very important.

A reliable and skillful moving company can undoubtedly give you satisfaction and peace of mind. As a result, you can concentrate on other tasks during the move and save your precious time. Without proper research, you may not receive quality service. Check the references of the moving company, find the references of past clients and their level of satisfaction with the work carried out by the company in question.

Find out if the moving company you choose carries out or has already carried out in the past moving work to the city you want to move there to live.

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Good luck and happy moving!

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