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Are you planning a move from Gatineau to Montreal? We are here to provide you with reliable, efficient and worry-free moving services.

At Déménagement ALEX, we understand that moving from one city to another can be a complex task. This is why we provide you with an experienced team of qualified movers to assist you in this transition.

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Fast and inexpensive moving to Montreal

We are committed to offering you a move from Gatineau to Montreal with complete peace of mind, ensuring that your belongings are treated with the utmost care. Whether you have a small house, an apartment or a larger residence, our team is ready to take care of all aspects of your move.

In addition to our moving service, we also offer complementary services to facilitate your transition. Whether you need packing and unpacking, storage services or personalized advice, disassembly or reassembly of furniture, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

What about the cost to move from Gatineau to Montreal?

The cost of moving from Gatineau to Montreal can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the residence, the volume of goods to be moved and the additional services required. However, we can give you a general cost estimate for each type of move:

  • One-Bedroom Apartment: The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment move from Gatineau to Montreal is usually between $1,100 and $1,490. This includes basic services such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading and basic furniture assembly.
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment: Usually ranges around $1,190-$1,690. This estimate includes the same basic services as for a T2.
  • Large 3-bedroom house: The cost of moving a large house from Gatineau to Montreal can average $1800 to $2800
  • The cost of moving a piano from Gatineau to Montreal will depend on the type of piano (upright piano, grand piano, electric piano), its size, accessibility and the distance travelled. On average, the cost of a piano move can range from around $490 to $890 or even more, depending on the features of the piano and additional services required.

It is important to note that these cost estimates are approximate and may vary depending on several factors specific to each move. It is recommended that you contact our moving company directly for accurate quotes based on your specific needs and the details of your move.

If you are planning a move from the greater Montreal area to Gatineau, consult these pages: Moving Montreal to Gatineau, Moving Gatineau to Blainville, Moving Longueuil to Gatineau.

Moving the piano from Gatineau to Montreal

Déménagement ALEX is your trusted partner for moving your piano from Gatineau to Montreal. Whether you are a professional musician, a music enthusiast, or simply an owner of a piano dear to your heart, we understand the importance of treating your instrument with the utmost care and dedication.

Our team of piano movers are trained to handle these delicate instruments in a safe and professional manner. We understand the specifics and special requirements of moving a piano, whether it’s an upright piano, a grand piano or even an electric piano.

We are committed to treating your piano with the respect it deserves and providing you with a safe and hassle-free piano moving from Gatineau to Montreal.

Last minute move from Gatineau to Montreal

Do you need a last minute move from Gatineau to Montreal? Don’t worry, we are here to help you and offer you a fast and efficient moving service.

At Déménagement ALEX, we have vehicles adapted to emergency moves and a team of qualified movers to guarantee fast and secure transport of your goods from Gatineau to Montreal. We are able to provide all the necessary services, from loading to unloading, ensuring that your goods are handled with care and respect.

For emergency moves from Gatineau to Montreal, we know that every minute counts. However, rates may vary depending on the specific situation and the particular needs of the move. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your situation and obtain an accurate and personalized quote.

Destination Price Distance
Moving between Gatineau and Laval 1090-1490$ 191km
Moving from Gatineau to Halifax 5990-8990$ 1442km
Price moving Gatineau to Brossard 1090-1490$ 214km
Moving Gatineau to Boucherville 1090-1490$ 216km
Moving Gatineau to Longueuil 1090-1490$ 221km
Moving Gatineau to Joliette, Rawdon 1190-1590$ 244km
Moving between Gatineau and Beloeil, Sainte-Julie 1090-1490$ 234km
Moving Gatineau to Terrebonne 1090-1490$ 198km
Moving between Gatineau and Saint-Jean-sur-Richilieau 1190-1590$ 241km
Moving from Gatineau to Saint-Bruno, Sainte-Amable 1190-1590$ 238km
Moving Gatineau to Repentigny 1090-1490$ 211km
Moving from Gatineau to Victoriaville 1390-1890$ 356km
Moving between Gatineau and Deux-Montagnes 1095-1490$ 169km
Moving from Gatineau to Drumondville 1390-1890$ 302km
Moving from Gatineau to Rimouski 22690-3495$ 735km
Moving Gatineau to Saint-Sauveur 1190-1590$ 169km
Gatineau Moving Service in Quebec 1950-2590$ 442km
Moving from Gatineau to Chicoutimi 2990-3890$ 645km
Moving from Gatineau to Saint-Hyacinthe 1290-1790$ 253km
Moving Gatineau to Saint-Eustache 1090-1490$ 167km
Moving from Gatineau to Gaspésie 4590-5995$ 1117km
Moving Service from Gatineau to Sherbrooke 1695-2290$ 355km
Moving Gatineau to Saint-Jerome 1195-1590$ 167km
Rate Moving Gatineau to Magog 1595-1995$ 326km
Moving Gatineau to Blainville 1095-1490$ 171km
Moving from Gatineau to Trois-Rivières 1695-1995$ 322km
Moving Gatineau to Saint-Geroges 2695-3395$ 529km
Gatineau Moving Service in Saint-Adele 1190-1690$ 193km

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