July 1 move to Montreal, don't panic!


As for the move, the 1er July is the day when the vast majority of Quebec tenants move out. Whether on the island of Montreal, on the North or South Shore, in Longueuil or Laval, leases usually expire on June 30, a date set by the landlord community to influence tenants' choices in their favor. 

A tradition for over 100 years! Well, this restriction results in additional costs for customers, such as the limit of the date and time of the authorized move, the price, the availability of trucks and the availability of movers and moving companies. All of the above are well known stressors for the average Montrealer.

July 1st: a moving day in Montreal and its surroundings.

Is already stressful, not to mention unexpected events, such as: unregistered moving companies, inexperienced movers and lack of equipment, as well as complete ignorance of the terms of the contractual agreement on the part of the movers, which make the work stressful, boring. and a financially damaging experience.

How can an ordinary Montrealer protect himself from such situations on such an important date as the July 1st move?

Overall, it's a matter of choosing the most reliable company to do business with in advance. It's a good idea to have a small delivery beforehand, with the same company, just to ensure the quality and contractual credit of the company.

Why advance?

In order to avoid dealing with an amateur who plans to start his moving business for the moving season only, while offering monetary incentives from the prices of this date, such as the July 1st move in Montreal and its surroundings, unlike professional companies, active all year round, exhaust their availability very early.


July 1st move to Montreal, be happy with us!

Our company operates year round and our team of movers have no long breaks in their experience so that their skills are maintained throughout the year. We have very competitive prices and above all, we are contractually reliable. We have the necessary equipment and keep it in good condition. We have the skills to provide quality customer service and follow-up. Our company offers a range of services, including the assembly and disassembly of furniture and sports equipment.

For the high season, we recommend our services, which do not guarantee the lowest price, but a very competitive price range, so we guarantee a reliable, professional and punctual service.

Save on stress and budget by hiring our team of movers, a guaranteed way to avoid peak season overflow. Please note: if you can avoid moving on July 1st, do it!

As an added bonus, our company offers a guide service, tips for a successful move, to enhance your move in Montreal. Just call, make the reservation and ask for preparatory advice, and our team will be happy to advise you on how to best prepare for the peak moving season, trucks, parking, lanes, etc. 

access, without bulky objects, separating boxes in one room, and taking all drawers and emptying furniture of everything in them, dismantling mirrors from furniture and placing them separately and all glass objects and works of art in a separate place, ensuring a decent level of hygiene, unplugging and preparing electrical appliances, not putting extra pressure on the movers, while cooperating, etc.

We guarantee quality and very competitive prices, we guarantee professionalism and reliability. We are here all year round, we will be here in high season when you need our services, don't worry, including for your July 1st move in Montreal and its surroundings!

For information call Alex 514-569-4443

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