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Founded in 1933 around the Sigma gold mine, the city of Val d’Or today looks like a mining boomtown of yesterday, with wide avenues and a main street (3rd Ave) that retains its traditional raw appearance. You can easily imagine how frantic it would have been in the gold rush days. The Sigma mine still works, although it is no longer the economic engine of the city. Val d’Or is a magnificent city where you have to discover at least once in your life. It is above all to contemplate its geography, enjoy its education system with its best universities and colleges.

Why move to Val-d’Or?

move from Longueuil to Val-d’Or

Moving to Val-d’Or offers an exceptional quality of life in the heart of nature. The splendid landscapes, job opportunities in the thriving mining industry and warm community life make Val-d’Or a place of attraction. The city offers a dynamic cultural scene, quality schools, and proximity to nature for outdoor activities. Val-d’Or combines the best of both worlds: enriching urban living and easy access to natural beauty, ensuring a balanced and rewarding life experience.

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Population, geographic location of Val d’Or

The city of Val d’Or currently has a population of 33,011 inhabitants spread over an area of ​​354,120 ha or 3,541.20 km2. The density of this population is 9.3 inhabitants/km2. In addition, the city has the geographic code 89008.

Moreover, it should be added that the city of Val d’Or belongs to the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, which is one of the administrative regions of Quebec and located to the west. In fact, Val d’Or is its second largest city behind Rouyn-Noranda. This may push some from Longueuil to move to the city of Val d’Or.

History and language of Val d’Or

This city of Val-d’Or was born thanks to the first discoveries made on gold around the two lakes of Blouin and Demontigny in the 20th century. Thus, many prospectors arrive on the site to search for gold. Many will find veins that will form, among others, the Siscoe (1915), Lamaque (1923), Sullivan (1911) mines.

Ultimately, it is these various discoveries that will attract others.

The official languages ​​spoken in this city are French and English. In addition, populations who speak both French and English represent 31.7%. These languages ​​encourage families to move to Val d’Or.

Tourist place in Val d'Or

As a mining town, there are many tourist sites in the city of Val d’Or. First, we have the Val d’Or recreational forest, which is a recreational tourism site. Very close to the city center, this site offers the availability of certain activities such as walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, ice skating.

Then, the La Vérendrye reserve, with an area of ​​13,615 km², is the second largest natural territory managed by the Society of Outdoor Establishments of Quebec (SÉPAQ). It is an ideal site for lovers of outdoor games with its lakes, rivers and bodies of water.

Best University and College in Val d'Or

The Val d’Or Campus, which is a university attached to UQAT (University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Located in the middle of the city center, it is excellent in terms of its training as well as its standard research methods. The Val d’Or Campus is also very open to the world. It offers a warm welcome with its personalized service and very dedicated staff.

Then, the Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, which offers higher education programs, allows students to take advantage of training at two institutions. Educational institutions in Val d’Or may also encourage some people to move to Val d’Or.

Best restaurants in Val d'Or

These numerous restaurants offer delicious dishes to their customers. First, the Bar Bistro l’Entracte which is almost perfect for having drinks. It is even handicapped accessible and has parking. His dishes are to take away.

Then, the Windsor-Restaurant which is recommended for café-concerts, children and even families with children. This is one of the best restaurants in Val d’Or.

Moreover, the Escale Hotel Motel Restaurant, with its Canadian cuisine, offers great dishes and can accommodate travelers as a couple, family, solo, professional or with friends. Valdorian gastronomy can even lead people to move to Val d’Or.

5 reasons to move Longueuil to Val-d'Or

-The climate of the city of Val d’Or is a relatively humid and cold climate. During the winter, the minimum temperatures give ?20°C while during the summer, they are close to 23°C.

-Hospitality: the warm welcome reserved for new arrivals is one of its strong characteristics. In fact, a local committee has been set up to welcome newcomers. This can also encourage people to move to Val d’Or.

-Security : The city of Val d’or is one of the most secure cities in Canada. It provides populations with a safe and healthy environment with school crossing guards, speed signs and emergency measures.

-Housing: Val d’Or offers accommodation rates adapted to the quality / price ratio to tenants.

-The festivities: It is a very festive city with in particular the organization of the Ligue d’impro Val-d’Or which was held on March 15. Moving Longueuil, local service at the best price.

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