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Best Golden Age Moving Price in Montreal

Do moving companies offer discounts for seniors in Montreal? Yes of course! Most moving companies offer senior moving discounts in Montreal. Our friendly movers will work hard to make your senior moving experience a positive one! Our professional senior movers can help you pack, move and unpack.

Moving service for the golden age – discount of 5-10%, whether you are in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, you can count on professional and very well-equipped movers. You can easily and free obtain all the information necessary for the smooth running of your moving to Montreal. No discounts from MAY 20 to July 5!

At your service a dynamic and professional, friendly and family team to supervise all of your moving projects.

Take advantage of our team of professional movers, our fast packing service - great service, at a great price!

Call today for a free moving quote! How much does it cost to move to Montreal? The cost of a residential move.

Senior Moving Discount 1$-350$: -5%&

Moving Discount Golden Age 5%


Senior Moving Discount 351$-700$: -8%


Moving Discount Golden Age 8%


Senior Moving Discount 701$ +: -10%


Moving Discount Golden Age 10%

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