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Are you planning a move from Shawinigan to Montreal and looking for a professional moving company to help you? We are an experienced moving company ready to help you transport your belongings safely.

A Service Adapted to Your Needs

We know that every move from Shawinigan to Montreal is unique, which is why we believe in the importance of offering personalized services that specifically meet your needs and expectations. Our experienced team listens to your needs and guides you through the moving process. Whether you need a turnkey solution with furniture packing and dismantling, or more specific assistance, we adapt to your requests to ensure a hassle-free experience.

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Residential Moving Shawinigan to Montreal

Are you planning a residential move from Shawinigan to Montreal and looking for a reliable moving company to transport your belongings safely? We are an experienced moving company ready to help you move with ease.

Our team of professional movers are trained to move your belongings safely, using the best techniques and materials to protect your items during transport. We have well-equipped trucks to move all types of goods, whether fragile or heavy. We are ready to take on any challenge to ensure a smooth move.

If you are planning a move from the greater Montreal area to Shawnigan, then read this moving Montreal to Shawinigan page.

Commercial Moving Shawinigan to Montreal

Are you considering a business move from Shawinigan to Montreal? Our moving company is here to provide you with a stress-free moving experience, ensuring your transition to your new place is smooth and confident. Whether you need a turnkey solution to manage every step of the move, or want to choose specific services such as furniture packing, dismantling and reassembly, we are here to meet your demands.

10 tips for saving money when moving house

Moving from Shawinigan to Montreal can be an exciting step, but it can also be a financial investment. At déménagement ALEX, we want to help you save money while providing you with a quality moving experience. Here are 10 tips to help you save money when moving:

  1. Plan ahead: This will allow you to research the best options for movers and get competitive quotes.
  2. Sort your belongings: Get rid of items you no longer need by selling, donating or recycling them.
  3. Opt for packing yourself: Pack your belongings yourself to save on packing costs.
  4. Ask for detailed quotes: Choose a company that offers good value for money and meets your specific needs.
  5. Opt for a less popular date: rates may be lower during less popular times.
  6. Plan a shared move: If you know friends or relatives who are also moving, consider splitting the moving costs by bundling your belongings in the same truck.
  7. Use a rental moving truck: If you prefer to move yourself, rent a moving truck rather than hire a moving company. This can save you labor costs.
  8. Save on supplies: Look for affordable alternatives for packing supplies, such as recycled moving boxes or reusable packing materials.
  9. Host a Garage Sale: Host a garage sale or online sale to get rid of items you no longer need and save extra money.
  10. Prepare in advance: Being well prepared for moving day will help you cut down on unforeseen costs. make sure you have everything organized in advance to avoid last minute charges.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can save money on your move from Shawinigan to Montreal without compromising the quality of service. Trust us to accompany you throughout this important step and welcome to your new home in Montreal!

Shawinigan Piano Moving to Montreal

If you are considering moving your piano from Shawinigan to Montreal, our team is ready to support you with expertise and dedication. That’s why we offer a personalized service to meet your specific needs.

Whether your piano is upright, grand, or a rarer model, our team is equipped to handle it with expertise and care. We are proud to offer you professional and dedicated assistance for the safe movement of your piano from Shawinigan to the greater Montreal area.

Moving long list Shawinigan to Montreal

A long-distance move from Shawinigan to Montreal is a big logistical challenge, but at déménagement ALEX, we’re here to support you every step of the way. With our expertise and dedication, we offer you a hassle-free and stress-free moving experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for a quick quote and to learn more about our long distance moving service from Shawinigan to Montreal.

Find here some ideas on the price of moving a room from Shaunigan to the greater Montreal area and more, everywhere in Quebec and Ontario.

Destination Rate Distance
Moving between Shawinigan and Ottawa 1595-1995$ 342km
Moving Shawinigan to Repentegny 850-1195$ 131km
Moving from Shawinigan to Longueuil 950-1395$ 192km
Moving Shawinigan to Boucherville 950-1295$ 163km
Moving Shawinigan to Brossard 950-1295$ 178km
Moving from Shawinigan to Blainville 1050-1395$ 170km
Moving Shawinigan to Saint-Bruno 950-1295$ 173km
Moving Shawinigan to Terrebonne 895-1195$ 139km
Moving between Shawinigan and Candiac 1095-1395$ 194km
Moving from Shawinigan to Laval 995-1295$ 166km
Moving Shawinigan to Boisbriand 995-1295$ 170km
Moving from Shawinigan to Saint-Eustache 990-1295$ 178km
Moving Shawinigan to Mascouche 890-1195$ 151km
Moving from Shawinigan to Gatineau 1495-1995$ 341km
Moving Shawinigan to Toronto 2795-3495$ 696km
Moving from Shawinigan to Deux-Montagnes 990-1395$ 180km
Moving Shawinigan to Saint-Jean-sur-Richilieau 1095-1395$ 201km
Moving between Shawinigan and Beloil 990-1295$ 169km
Moving from Shawinigan to Chambly 990-1295$ 169km
Moving from Shawinigan to Mont-Tremblant 1290-1895$ 265km
Moving from Shawinigan to Saint-Jerome 1090-1495$ 190km
Moving from Shawinigan to Granby 1190-1495$ 174km

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