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The questions we receive most often are: “How much does it cost to move my 3.5 room apartment? Can you provide an estimate " ? However, these issues do not take into account that the final price of a move is influenced by different factors and that each move is unique.

To calculate the duration, the principle of 1 piece = 1 hour or 1.5 hours of moving. If you live on the third or fourth floor but there is no elevator, this can greatly affect the local moving costs.



1. The distance between the two places of residence. The distance between the old and the new place of residence has an influence on the costs associated with the move. Price may increase or decrease due to fuel consumption and distance.

2. Access to places of residence. The ease of access and transport of your goods from the house to the transport truck. Another important factor is the distance between the car park and the entrance to the house, as well as the number of steps to be climbed. The greater the distance, the more steps there are and the longer the company needs to move.

It is also important to specify whether an elevator is accessible as well as its load capacity. For example, if you live on the third floor but there is no elevator, this can affect moving costs.

3. Your inventory. In a simplified way: the quantity of goods, the weight, the delicacy of your furniture greatly influence the price of your service. As working time is impacted by the above factors, costs will increase accordingly.



It is also important to know whether your large pieces of furniture can be taken apart or not. For example, a closet with 4 sliding doors with a mirror takes much longer than a small closet with only one door.

As you can see, each move is very individualized! 

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