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When you decide on a company to do the move, the first things that come to mind are often trucks, professionals and boxes, but have you ever looked for moving companies that offer more? So a traditional, mundane move? Sometimes you have a large television that needs to be moved to another location or room, or maybe you even want to move a pool table inside your home. How can I move a pool table without damage? That's the first question you'll ask yourself, so why not leave the heavy lifting to the professionals?

Most pool tables are generally large and weigh about 800 pounds. They have come a long way since the first original tables were made in the past. They may have marble edges that will add pressure to the weight, so moving one of these tables can not only bring stress, but also cause physical and bodily damage if not moved properly.

Pool Table Moving Company in Montreal

Montreal pool table moving service technicians will often only provide basic services. Asking the local moving company if they are involved in installing new tables, salvaging or repairing your tables will give you an idea if they have the right people and team to work with. It would be a shame to use non-professionals, who can ruin your property and cause total disappointment. 

It is highly advisable to look for a professional moving company that has experience in pool table assembly. Pool table specialists are different, and among them you can find specialists who are skilled in assembling and adjusting all kinds of models and brands, ranging from slate pool tables to snooker tables.

All that matters to make your job easier is to have as much relevant information as possible about the qualifications of the professionals working in the moving company.

It is not a bad idea to seek advice from experienced professionals even if you have already set up your pool table. If you have decided to move to a new home and distance is a key and important factor for you, make sure that the representatives have experience in dismantling these tables. Due to the size and weight of these items, it is nearly impossible to get them upstairs or into trucks.

If you have decided to move to another province, Quebec or Ontario, or even to another country such as from Canada to the United States and you do not want to part with your table because of its sentimental significance and family connection, ask the company if they have experience in creating and shipping these items. This will save you the trouble of dismantling and transporting your table assembly to your new home yourself.

Very often, most bars and pubs have more than one pool table. If you have the ability to move them to a new location, this job could be a chore and a headache if not done properly. Before disassembly, if your table needs repair or maintenance, try to do it before the move as you will not only benefit its value, but also the time you will have left at home. end once you arrive at a new location.

Most professional pool table movers are skilled in several areas such as felting, restoring and reupholstering tables. Often, most pool table movers treat this job as a business and not a regular job, this position is encouraging as it will lead to good choices when you hire the services of a professional. These professionals take their time with a degree of mastery and care for each table they are appointed to, just as they did with their own table.

When requesting a moving or installation service for your pool table, make sure you have planned all the necessary steps to facilitate the work of the professionals. How big is the table, what is the table made of (wood, marble) and often if you know when the table was made; 

These are important elements that will help you to be sure that the professionals will bring the proper tools to maintain your table. Having cases where professionals come back to the office to find and bring the right tools will obviously result in waste and time, in addition to charging you extra on your bill.

Specialized pool table service and maintenance technicians can be hard to find if you don't ask for the right professionals. Make sure you have done enough research on your table and know in advance exactly what you want to do with your table. If you know what kind of repair is needed or must be done before the table is disassembled, make sure the technicians know. 

Creating a budget for a small task like this will help give you peace of mind and peace of mind, so you'll be more stable and confident knowing you've set aside enough money not to be disappointed. or surprised in the end. If you have chosen a pool table installation service, be sure to book it a few days or weeks in advance to keep your schedule in line with the moving company's schedule. That way, you won't have to make a second booking for a missed appointment.

Good luck and happy moving!

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