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Top 10 tourist attractions in Montreal

Planning a trip to Montreal? 10 tourist attractions in Montreal. You want to settle in this beautiful tourist town? Moving from Mississauga, Toronto and Ottawa to Montreal! Discover 10 hidden attractions, interesting sites and unusual activities to do in Montreal, Quebec. You will be amazed at what you can do in the Montreal area.

To simplify your first visit to Montreal, we’ve compiled a simple list of crowd-pleasing attractions. Think of it as a “greatest hits” collection of what to see and do in a diverse and exciting city. It is the second largest city in Canada and is consistently ranked as one of the friendliest cities in the world for good reason.

1- Basilica of Notre-Dame.

Located in the Villa-Marie district, the mother church of Montreal, its construction began in 1824, culminating in 1829, the date of its official inauguration. Every year, thousands of visitors are attracted by its magnificent neo-gothic splendor as well as its historical treasures, wood carvings, paintings, stained glass, sculptures and a remarkable art collection. However, the Notre-Dame Basilica has been recognized as a national historic site.

It is a marvel of construction with details, incredible, recognized all over the world, its name resounds all over the world, to admire its beauty, every detail framed in the design is remarkable and anyone who notices it can notice.

2- Mount Royal

It is a mountain in the center of Montreal, most of which is in a park of the same name, made by the New York designer Frederick Law Olmstead who designed the Mount Royal Park and both with the same goal: to be a space for all citizens, where they can disconnect from the daily, monotonous city where you can spend a pleasant afternoon with your friends, your partner or your family.

It’s not just a park surrounded by beautiful trees, it’s a place to have fun, jog, run, exercise and walk around while eating something or sitting down to read a book, enjoying the tranquility and design with nature.

3- Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

If you are going to visit Montreal, be sure to visit the museum, especially the Montreal Museum of Art, which has over 41,000 works of art, founded in 1860 to the present day. It is the most visited museum in Canada and attracts over one million art lovers. Where you will observe, learn and experience the works of several artists. A place for the whole family and schools to offer new experiences to all those who have not lived it.

Going to a museum and observing the creations of others who have inspired what is, is a way to connect to art, to get used to it, to learn and realize the tranquility of traveling, to connect to the textures, colors and shapes that show us.

4- Explore the gay village

It is the gay district of Montreal with the LGBT community, it shows its flag and its colorful flags, to show its gay pride, a street surrounded by restaurants, bars and stores among others is a street that attracts the attention of tourists and of course to the gay community, in particular.

In the summer and fall, they hold their annual gay pride parades. Where they celebrate diversity and gender equality, because Montreal is a young and cosmopolitan city; with a combination between modern and conservative, it fits perfectly to these celebrations. This makes it recognized by parades and celebrations as the changing seasons bring the city to life.

5- The underground city (underground city)

It’s an underground city, built for those winter days when you can’t get around and is connected to the main city centers. This helps many tourists who are not used to this kind of weather and facilitates their stay in Montreal, moreover if you visit for the first time, you can find, articles, doctors, clothes, hairdressing, shopping, everything you need For winter.

If you are visiting Montreal, this is one of the first places you should know and you will be amazed from start to finish. It is as if they were thinking of everything and especially of the needs of the citizens, with practical solutions accessible to all.

6- Old Montreal

It is the oldest district of the city, but the most frequented of the city because of its structure of cobblestone streets and those conservative but modern old touches, full of restaurants, cafes, local fashion stores; where you can bike, walk, go to the coastal area (old part), have a drink, while enjoying the scenery by boat, go to a restaurant and have lunch, spend a good day. At night, take a walk in the streets, have a drink in some bars.

It is a very busy area and more for young people, although it has an old structure well preserved and you can admire how were the streets at that time of 1642 that was established in Montreal.

7- Place des festivals

It’s the central part of Montreal, it’s a training area called the Quartier des spectacles, which is the centerpiece of the festivals, where they organize the biggest concerts in Montreal, for which they are famous, like the jazz festival does every year.

It is a space that was built for this purpose only for large events, where bands from around the world have played, giving their music to thousands of people in the summer, it also has 235 water jets, becoming the largest source of information about Montreal, so be sure to visit it. It is an area with enough space, ideal for festivals. Like everything, Montreal offers unforgettable spaces, moments and memories.

8- Space for life

It is a pleasant place where you will want to marvel, to see it, because of its deep conception of nature, as it is a combination of the botanical garden, the bionomo and the avionium of the Alcan red river. It’s simple if you want to walk around the garden, see the flowers smell their aroma, or go to the plantation to watch the moon and stars can achieve this.

Or if you want to go into relaxation mode, just walk around the square, fill yourself with nature and listen to the sounds it makes. To reassure and get out of the monotonous daily life. It is a space to be quiet and enjoy the landscape, while you travel.

9- Sainte-Catherine Street

This is the area for shopping in Montreal, a very wide street where you can walk for hours and find variety, in stores, clothing, restaurants, bars and cafes, among others. If you visit Montreal, be sure to check out these streets, which are free to choose what you want to buy in the downtown and commercial area of Montreal.

10- International fake lotto (artificial game contest)

It is an international fireworks competition that takes place every year in the city of Montreal in June. Where all countries compete in spectacular fireworks. You can see the spectacle of the city. But the degree of competitiveness you have when you do it is incredible. As they are very close. You can’t miss the presence of Canada, as well as the United States, among others; Montreal is a very active, dynamic, cultural and fun city, ideal for young people who are looking for it and a place to relax.

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