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10 things to do in Mont-Tremblant for the perfect weekend

Planning a trip to Mont Tremblant? You want to settle in this beautiful tourist town? Moving from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa to Mont Tremblant! Discover the 10 things to do in Mont-Tremblant for a perfect weekend. One weekend and you have decided to visit one of the most touristic places in the province of Quebec, Mont-Tremblant. You wonder what you’re supposed to do in this place for the next two days. Here we offer you a list of activities to consider for a wonderful weekend in this amazing city, away from all the stress that a city can offer.

One weekend and you have decided to visit one of the most touristic places in the province of Quebec, Mont-Tremblant. You wonder what you’re supposed to do in this place for the next two days. Here we offer you a list of activities to consider for a wonderful weekend in this amazing city, away from all the stress that a city can offer.


At Mont Tremblant, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your golfing skills on the two 18-hole courses designed for these sports enthusiasts. You can choose between Le Diable and Le Géant courses and have a great time. But if you are really enthusiastic about playing this sport, you can enroll in the Golf Academy located in this Canadian paradise city. Of course, this activity is limited to warm weather in Mont-Tremblant, so don’t expect to do more of it in the winter.


A pleasant habit among the people of the province of Quebec, and of all Canada as well, is craft beer. Once you spend your weekend in Mont-Tremblant, there are two places you can visit to try some local beers made by locals. The first is La Diable Microbrewery where you can have a cold craft beer and eat sausages or healthy food to accompany your drink;

The second place is the Microbasserie Saint-Arnold, a store specializing in the making of beer on the spot, producing more than 10 different kinds of this drink; Food is also essential in this restaurant which uses beer as a base for the preparation of meals.


Relaxation, the primary reason to spend a weekend away from home, is easily accessible at the Scandinavian Spa of Mont-Tremblant. Filled with Norwegian and Finnish steam baths, the center provides specialists to help you achieve the required relaxation; and to top it off, other staff members would provide a good massage to keep you comfortable.


Once you’ve finished skiing, snowboarding, a day at the spa or any of the other activities that the picturesque mountain region has to offer, you can also take your time to tour the different areas of the charming pedestrian village of Mont-Tremblant. Try your luck and stay in one of the city’s hotels for the weekend, take advantage of the store’s exclusive prices and buy the most exquisite designs, or dine in more than 35 gourmet restaurants where you can enjoy typical dishes. activities you can do while you are in the village.


With a network of free trails, enjoying the outdoors is something no one should turn down for a weekend in this wonderful place. In summer, you can visit one of the 11 hiking trails for beginners and experienced hikers. It is recommended to hike to the highest peak in the area and enjoy the scenery at an altitude of 875 meters.


But if your weekend is in the winter, skiing, snowboarding and even cross-country skiing are some of the good options to consider when it comes to snow and cold. Also, sliding with the whole family is a must for a wonderful weekend;

and taking a trip through the snow on a buggy or riding a fat bike in winter or a standard bike in summer is something you should look forward to. But in the fast action walks are not a thing for you, you can still get up and down the slopes by snowshoeing from the summit and ending it at the trapper’s cabin where you can enjoy the old fashioned way of life and running water was not part of our daily assets.


Choose your pack of huskies to guide you through the winter snow and mountain trails and feel free to choose a guided tour or become the guide of your own sled. At the end of the trek, you can reward your pack for a job well done and a good time.


If you are not the adventurous type or not fond of sports activities, you can enjoy the Casino located in this mountainous area. Try your luck at slot machines or a good card game like blackjack or poker. Whether it’s winter or summer, don’t hesitate to try your luck and win money while having a great weekend.


Being in Mont-Tremblant and not enjoying the breathtaking view from the summit is a complete waste of time. Once there, one of the things not to forget is to take time for a helicopter ride. Treat yourself and enjoy the incredible views of the mountains, trails, lakes, rivers and forest of the area while flying through the air on a fantastic and unforgettable journey.


Mont-Tremblant is not only a place for physical activity or walking; from time to time during the year, the town opens up to celebrate different art forms or activities. If your weekend visit to the village is included during the first few days of July, you will be a lucky guest to enjoy the International Blues Festival. During this event, more than 100 shows are organized for the pleasure of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Folk and other fans. The whole village becomes a big stage with concerts and shows given at any place for the pleasure of the inhabitants and the visitors.

Well, you have a list of 10 things to do if you decide to take a weekend away from your sometimes stressful big city. And the list doesn’t end there, what we’ve mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg, because the Mont-Tremblant region always has something to surprise its guests throughout the year.

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