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How to organize your move? Here are some tips for a well-organized and stress-free move. It is important to book your moving services well in advance so that you can be sure of your ideal moving date. Don’t forget to note that we offer a service of moving to Montreal and local move in the suburbs. Our services are :residential move and commercial, furniture assembly , full service for uninstallation and installation of the billiard table.

Step 1: Moving Tips - 8 weeks before the move:

  • Arrange to transfer school records if you have children.
  • Decide when you would like to move
  • Contact your insurance agent to transfer home, fire, auto and medical insurance.
  • Call a moving company for an estimate and specify the things that need to be moved. Discuss if other services are required: packing, storage, unpacking… etc.
  • Go through your current home and make a list of what should stay, be sold, donated or thrown away
  • Gather information about your new location, doctors, business associates, clubs, dentists and lawyers.
  • Get your change of address package from the post office.
  • Keep all documents and information related to your move. This information should not be packaged. It will be extremely useful on moving day.

Step 2: Moving Tips - 6 weeks before the move:

  • Ask the telephone company at your destination if the service can be connected before arrival
  • Contact any club or association with which you are associated for information on transferring, selling or terminating your membership.
  • Ask your bank to transfer your accounts to the branch closest to your new home.
  • Make travel arrangements, flight, hotel, car rental, etc.

Step 3: Moving Tips - 4 weeks before the move:

  • If you plan to do the packing yourself, start collecting boxes and packing materials.
  • Start using all extra food stocks, frozen (non-transportable) foods and canned foods, this will reduce packing work.
  • Contact people who regularly work for you, such as pool maintenance companies and gardeners, to cancel their services. Leave their business cards with the new owners.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery and all deliveries in your name.
  • Consider having a garage sale and/or getting rid of unwanted items well before your move.

4 step - 2 weeks before the move:

  • Make final packaging decisions. Start preparing for the move by packing items you don’t use often.
  • If you have children, ask for a babysitter on moving day.
  • Organize all your moving and travel documents and valuables that you will take with you on moving day
  • Label all boxes with your name and the name of the room you want them to be moved into.
  • Take care of financial arrangements such as bank account transfers, safe deposit box contents
  • Organize the transportation of pets and plants. Secure all veterinarian records and ensure that rabies and identification tags are attached to the pet’s collar.
  • Stop the automatic delivery of propane gas or fuel unless it is really necessary.
  • Arrange to disconnect your satellite or cable TV coverage.

Step 5 - 1 week before the move:

  • Confirm moving and delivery dates with the movers or check your truck reservation.Confirm moving and delivery dates with the movers or check your truck reservation.
  • Complete packing of all personal belongings.
  • Finish packing all belongings Mark boxes requiring special attention, delicate handling and load last personal preferences.
  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer and clean your stove at least 24 hours before moving.
  • Confirm connection dates for utilities in your new home.
  • Have someone read the propane or fuel oil levels in the tanks left on the property if your sales contract requires the new owners to pay you the market price for fuel.
  • Make sure your mover knows the address and phone number where you can be reached until you move into your new home. Cell phones or e-mail are excellent means of communication during the move.

Step 6 - Moving Day:

  • Sign the form at the beginning of the move. This will force the movers to start preparing for your move.
  • Walk through every part of the house to find misplaced items, open cupboard and closet doors.
  • Keep all children away from the moving truck. Set aside some toys or put on a movie in a quiet room.
  • Review all documents and details with your mover.
  • Supervise the movers as they load and then again during delivery to make sure the boxes and other items go into the right rooms in your new home.
  • Do a final inspection of your home with your mover; make sure all rooms, closets, etc. are empty.
  • Make a last-minute visit to make sure doors and windows are locked, lights are off, old keys and garage door openers are left with future residents and that you haven’t forgotten anything.

7 step - Arrival at home:

  • Before you unload in your new home, you should have a good idea of where you want to place your furniture.
  • Check everything and verify if the complete unloading of the truck, you will be asked to sign for receipt and condition.
  • Once you have moved, get the necessary emergency numbers such as fire and police.
  • Pick up a set of keys. (Faites des copies pour vous-même et les personnes de votre foyer)

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