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Store your property in a warehouse in Montreal

Many times our customers ask for a referral from a good warehouse. Here we offer more information about warehousing service in Montreal.

In what cases should you store your belongings?

There are several cases in which it can be advantageous to store your goods in a warehouse:

  • Moving: If you’re moving to a new home or office and your new space isn’t ready for your move-in yet, you can store your belongings in a warehouse until you’re ready to move them to your new one. location.
  • Renovation: If you are renovating your home or office and need to temporarily remove items from the space, you can store them in a warehouse until the renovation is complete.
  • Downsizing: If you’re downsizing your living or working space and need to temporarily store items you don’t have room for, you can store them in a warehouse.
  • Traveling: If you’re traveling for a long time and don’t have a place to store your items, you can store them in a warehouse until you return.
  • Business: If you own a business and need to store inventory, equipment, or other business-related items, you can store them in a warehouse.
  • Archiving: Certain assets, such as documents, works of art or other valuables, may require an air-conditioned environment and specific security measures. It would therefore be advantageous to store them in a warehouse offering these services.

It is important to assess your specific needs, budget and do proper research before choosing a warehouse, as not all warehouses offer the same services and amenities.

Montreal East Storage

StorageMart Mini Warehouses, 9265 Rue Pascal-Gagnon, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 1Z4 (438) 793-8349 Public Warehouse, 4340 Boul. Metropolitan East, Saint-Léonard, QC H1S 1A2 (514) 593-6335
Depotium Mini-Entrepôt – Saint-Michel 3555 Boul Cremazie E, Montreal, QC H1Z 2J3 (514) 613-3760 Public Warehouse 5555 D’Iberville Street, Montreal, QC H2G 2B2 (514) 598-0682
Depotium Mini-Warehouse – Pointes-aux-Trembles 15949 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal, Quebec H1A 1E3 (514) 700-5141 Public Warehouse 400 Avenue de la Salle, Montreal, QC H1V 2J1 (514) 526-6682
U-Haul 2000-Storage 2000 Notre-Dame Street East, Montreal, Quebec H2K 2N3 (514) 526-9189 Storage Montreal Mini-Storage 8925 Boul. Saint-Laurent #100, Montreal, QC H2N 1M5 (514) 389-8000
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Storage Montreal West

Mini Entrepôts Dauphin
2707 Av Dollard, LaSalle, QC H8N 2J8
(514) 595-7000
Storage Montreal Mini Storage- Lachine
2975-3025 Rue Victoria, Lachine, QC H8S 1Z4
(514) 634-6043
Storage Montreal Mini-Storage – CDN-NDG
5260 Rue Ferrier, Montréal, QC H4P 1L3
(514) 739-4715
Public warehouse
9445 Rue Jean-Pratt, Montréal, QC H4N 2W7
(514) 383-0043
Public Warehouse
5605 Chim. de la Côte de Liesse, Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 1V2
(514) 744-0045
Public Warehouse
400 Av. de la Salle, Montreal, QC H1V 2J1
(514) 526-6682
Public Warehouse
2801 Mont St Rémi, Dorval, QC H9P 1K9
(514) 421-4558
9275 Rue Boivin, LaSalle, QC H8R 2E8
(514) 368-7867

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