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How to reduce the moving cost?

For an economical move to Montreal, South Shore and North Shore, we offer you a service that allows you not to spend too much. The price of a move depends on several criteria. The most important are: the volume of your belongings, the date of the move, the distance and the floors. If you have decided to move your house or apartment at a lower cost, call us now at 514-569-4443 or request a quote online on our website.

10 things to move without breaking the bank

1. Don’t ask for a quote at the last minute.
2. Request multiple moving quotes
3. Choose the right season, avoid the end of the month
4. Choose an economical formula, a truck and a driver
5. Pack your things yourself
6. Démontez les meubles, le lit, la table, etc.
7. Move the easy stuff on your own
8. Ask your friends to help you
9. Get rid of some things
10. Switch providers before moving

Can I do my move myself?

Yes, you can organize and do your move yourself. Moving alone involves finding a truck and labor, often friends or family, to pack all your belongings and handle them.

You can contact us, we provide you with a moving truck with its driver, and all the necessary equipment to ensure maximum protection of your belongings: trolley, strap, blankets, boxes, mattress bag, wardrobe boxes.

Moving greater Montreal

How much do I save if I move myself?

Yes, you can save a lot if you have good friends. You can save about 50%-70%if you can organize your move well. But there are risks in this case because your friends are not professionals.

Firstly, the high risk of damaging the furniture, and secondly, they can fall and seriously injure themselves. And such situations occur quite often. We suggest you take 2 professional movers for heavy objects, furniture and appliances to avoid damage or risk of injury.

Can I rent a moving truck with driver?

Yes, of course you can rent a truck with driver. We provide you with a moving truck with its driver, and all the necessary equipment to ensure maximum protection of your belongings, trolley, strap, blankets, boxes, mattress bag, wardrobe boxes, etc.

The driver / mover is someone who has several years of experience in moving. He will give you practical advice – where to start and how to get into the truck safely.

How much does it cost to rent a truck with driver? Our price for this kind of service is $65 per hour for a truck (fully equipped) and a driver. Reminder: movers are not included. This rate is available (before May 20 or from July 5). The driver will give you good practical advice to start your move and finish it well.

Indeed, this method of moving allows a saving of more than 30% on a traditional move, truck and movers.

Our moving discounts are as follows: special mid-month, senior and student rates.

Special discount all month between 10 and 20

Whether it’s a big or a small move in Montreal, delivery of appliances and furniture, you can save your money. We offer special prices all month between 10 and 20. Call us if you are moving around this date.

Call us and book your residential move Or commercial2-3 months before the date in question, and you could save between 5% and 10%.

Moving discounts for golden ages 5% - 10%

Discounted moving service for seniors in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore. We still offer moving discounts for seniors 65 and over. See more discounts on golden age moves.

Moving discounts for students 5% - 10%

The situations that push students to move are numerous: return to university, change of university, change of university residence, end-of-study internship, departure abroad, etc.

We always have special prices for students. Call us for an economical move for students. See our moving discounts for students.

Renting a rental truck and doing the move yourself is cheaper, but much more complicated. Hiring movers usually costs more (depending on your move), but it takes less time and effort, the time savings may be worth hiring movers, you won’t have to drive a truck or haul your belongings, which are sometimes very heavy.

What are the advantages of moving alone (without movers)?

The price: Your father and your uncle Roger are without a doubt the cheapest movers in the world.

Flexibility: you decide on the whole organization and can change dates or trucks even at the last minute.

Usability: it is an opportunity to meet up with friends and family and share a good meal or an aperitif.

What are the disadvantages of moving alone?

Stress: You have to do everything and prepare everything yourself. Rental of a moving truck, packing, dismantling of furniture, planning friends, family or rental of strong arms.

Unexpected: what if Uncle Michel catches the flu the day before or if the friends who were supposed to help you have partied until 5 a.m. and are not there yet?

Yes, you can hire our movers to simply load, unload or pack. The concept is simple, it is usually less expensive to supply your own truck or storage container than to hire a full service moving company.

-If a customer has a lot of boxes (example 70 boxes), it is useful to take 3 movers to speed up the work.

– A faster move can also save you money.

-The best way to save is to be well prepared.

-First, everything must be properly packed before the arrival of the movers.

-Do not overload boxes or bins to prevent them from breaking.

– Furniture and appliances must all be emptied beforehand.

Even the glass drawers and shelves in the refrigerator must be removed first.

-Boxes and bags must not obstruct the passage.

-Consider that movers need to take the large pieces first to make the most of the space in the truck. Thus, the boxes should not make a big pile in front of the front door.

-A good tip to save time is to make sure that the movers will have parking nearby or right in front of your home. This can represent 2 to 3 parking spaces.

Take advantage of our moving service in Montreal, our inexpensive storage service – a very good service, at a good price.

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