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It will be our pleasure to offer you our piano moving services in the Montreal area and long distance at the best price. Whatever the size of your piano, our teams of professionals piano will be happy to help you: keyboards, upright piano or grand piano, we have the experience and the equipment to do it all.   

How much does it cost to move a piano to Montreal, South-Shore or North-Shore?

Types of Pianos

The cost or rates for a piano move in Montreal are determined according to the following criteria: type of piano, distance, level of difficulty, floors and weight. Here are some sample prices for a local piano move.

  • Digital Piano – the moving cost is around 180$ to 250$.
  • Upright piano – price 350$ to 650$.
  • Baby grand piano – 380$ to 650$.
  • Grand piano – price 550$ to 950$.
  • Organ - 550$ to 950$
  • Square Grand piano - 650$ to 950$
  • Spinet piano - 300$ to 450$
  • Apartment Piano - 300$ to 450$

How much does it cost to move a piano with a crane?    

The price to move a piano in Montreal with a crane is between 650$ and 1000$, depending on the piano model and floors. Why use a crane? Sometimes a piano move can be very tricky when it comes to many stairs or narrow spaces, tight turns, new construction or just no way to do it, in these cases the best solution is to move the pianos with a crane service.

When your piano needs to go up to the top floor and it won't fit the stairs, we have the solution, the crane and the equipment to get the job done.

There are many factors to check before moving a piano with a crane. Check the following factors:

  • Check that the ground level is strong enough to support a crane.
  • Look for obstacles blocking access, such as trees and power lines.
  • Consult if the municipality allows you to use a crane or do you need a permit or police officers.

Transporting a piano is a delicate operation, which involves risks for the movers, the piano, and the stairwell.

In our moving company piano, the movers are specially trained and have the knowledge and experience. All piano moves are performed using the latest equipment including piano pads, straps, shrink wire and a layer of professional moving blankets.      

How much does it cost to move a piano over a long distance?

The starting price will be from 500$ to 1500$. Some examples of average piano moving costs; transporting an upright piano from Montreal to Toronto costs between 550$ and 850$ and a grand piano will cost between 650$ and 1,500 $. From Montreal to Ottawa or Quebec costs around 450$ – 750$ for an upright piano and for a grand piano between 600$ and 950$. There are several major factors that will greatly affect the price of piano moving, stairs, size, weight and type of your piano, obstacles in the way of moving, etc.       

What information should I know before calling a piano mover?       

  • The type of piano to move. There are three main types of pianos: straight, tailed and console (the console is not as high as an upright piano).
  • If the piano is a grand piano, the length measured between the keyboard and the curve at the end of the arc. The address where the piano is located and the address where it is delivered.
  • The exact floors, spiral stairs or landings, inside or outside the two locations.
  • Moving date requested.
  • Any special need or circumstance.


A piano can be very valuable and we understand that it should be moved with all possible care. Our movers will move your piano safely to the room of your choice at your destination. We can move all kinds of pianos, from keyboards to pianos       

The weight of a piano can vary from 200 kg to 500 kg. An upright piano, for example, weighs between 120 kg and 210 kg, while the weight of a grand piano can sometimes exceed 600 kg. Moving a piano is therefore an extremely complex job, because it is a very heavy and cumbersome instrument, but also for the sentimental value attributed to it and the purchase price of a piano.


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