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We offer you a professional residential moving service in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South-Shore and North-Shore at very competitive rates. If you have decided to move your house or apartment, contact us now or request a quote online! We guarantee you a service at the best price, without surprises and without hidden costs!

Residential moving Montreal

How much does it cost to hire movers in Montreal?

If you opt for the services of professional movers, in low season (before mid-May and after mid-July)the rates vary from 95 $ to 125 $ per hour for two men and from 135 $ to 165 $ per hour for three movers. The price may vary depending on the date and floors, third and fourth floors without elevators may cost more. More information on the moving price.


How much does a residential move cost in Montreal?

A question that all customers ask us. First of all, every move is different. But if you contact us, we can give you an approximate price or estimate for your move. Secondly, the cost of a move can vary depending on the option you choose, the distance, the number of movers, the date and the floor. Don't know what floor your apartment is on? Check this page, on which floor.


How long does a local move take?

To estimate the total cost of your moving with professional movers, it takes at least an hour to load and unload the contents of a room, not counting the time required for transport. For the principle of one hour per room to apply, your move must be well prepared, that you have on average about 15-20 boxes per room, no oversized furniture or stairs to climb.


How to reduce residential moving costs?

  • You have to do the packing yourself.  
  • Dismantle furniture - table, bed, etc.  
  • Unplug appliances - refrigerator, washer, dishwasher.  
  • Reserve the elevator  
  • Make sure you have a parking space for the truck.


Can you give us an approximate price for a 3 1/2 apartment move?

Of course, to move a 3 1/2 apartment in another apartment located in the same city, Montreal, Laval, Longueuil: it will cost between 380$ and 650$.

Here is an example of a two-bedroom apartment. Moving from a 41/2 apartment to another apartment in the same city: between 460 $ and 750 $.

As we mentioned above, the price depends on many factors. Please do not take this price as a fixed price for your move!

What about long distance moving? Moving from a 3 1/2 apartment to another apartment located 300 km away: between 1250 $ and 1650 $ depending on the chosen formula.


Are there any items that are not included in the hourly rates?

Unfortunately, there are objects or things that are charged extra. Because sometimes you need more movers or a specialized team and special equipment.

To note : not included in the price mentioned above: if you live on the 3rd floor without elevator, pianos, safe, electric bed, electric sofa, some treadmills – over 90kg, wood stove, appliances over 90kg, photocopiers , printers, granite objects, marble tables, etc., call us for prices! printers, granite objects, marble tables, etc. , call us for the price!


The approximate price of the local residential moving service


Studio2-3 hours295$+2 movers
1 bedroom3-4 hours380$+2 movers
2 bedrooms4-5 hours475$+2-3 movers
3 rooms5-6 hours670$+3 movers
4 bedrooms6-8 hours945$+3 movers
5 bedrooms8+ hours1215$+4 movers

Here are some options we offer:

  • Economic service: Equipped truck and driver.  
  • Economical and fast service: Truck +1 mover. 
  • Fast and professional service: Truck + 2 movers. 
  • Express and professional service: Truck + 3 movers.


Want to save more on your residential move? Here is the solution:

Refer us and save! Have a friend who will be moving before you? Recommend us and we will offer you between 5% and 10% discount on your final moving bill. Less than 1000$, you save 5%, if it's more you save 10%. It's worth it!

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