10 things to know before moving to Montreal


Thinking of moving to Montreal from Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa? What are the first things families should do when they arrive in Montreal? If you're planning to move to the Montreal area, you have a lot to look forward to - but before you move, make sure you check out these interesting facts. We've compiled a list of 10 terms and processes you should know before moving to Montreal!

This is a city where the gay community is very respected and has the freedom to express themselves and show themselves as such and they are respected and their rights are respected. If you are thinking of moving to Montreal and you do not tolerate LTBG, it is best to book that flight, because here it is important to respect and include all citizens. Therefore, before thinking about moving to another country or city, it is important to know what your culture and laws are like, if you see yourself living, and above all, tolerance towards others is fundamental.

2- Climate

For those who come from warm or tropical climates, it is very difficult when winter arrives in Montreal since their bodies are not adapted to this kind of weather so strong, snowfall, low notes. These are strong climatic conditions for those who, for the first time, see snow or feel this degree of cold; 

It is not something simple but if you are aware of all that it involves and adapt to the change, you will have no problem. But we are not all like this, our body and mind vary as well as the person, some tolerate it more than others and that is where the problem begins; who will eventually find a solution to this, change the destination to one that suits your physical strengths.

3- Nightlife

Montreal is a young city, with a strong growth of cars and young foreigners, with many restaurants, bars, discos to entertain you, theatrical performances, jazz concerts, festivals, concerts of bands from all over the world, a cosmopolitan city, at the forefront of everything with a lot of entertainment, so it is a very active city. We would say that it is not a place for retirement. 

If you are looking to move to Montreal, you should be aware of these factors, thus avoiding the inconvenience and not wasting your time and money. Not because it stops being a great city, but only if it is a person of a certain age, it is advisable to look for other options. It meets everything you are looking for.

4- Taxes

Like all cities, it is very difficult to avoid paying taxes, but since Montreal has a high average population, it always pays its taxes in accordance with the law, and it cannot be denied that there will be a minimum in the population that evades paying taxes, but it is something very difficult to achieve, but it is not excluded that if they do and they do not reflect it in the books or in their annual registration, either for money that has not been reflected and for what they work through informal sales, but it is a minimum percentage.

5- Multiculturalism

The great variety of foreigners is normal and even more so in large cosmopolitan cities, such as New York, Toronto and Montreal which are important in the cities and in the economies of the countries, but there is always the xenophobia of radical and erratic people, who attack that person, create a conflict and follow a reputation, which then turns into rumors, spread and there is talk of moving to Montreal or not, for fear of being a victim of racism. But this is something that happens in all parts of the world. The important thing is that it's not in all of Canada and it's a minimum percentage. Respect the citizens and the atmosphere of living with others in mutual respect.

6 January cold

For those who come from warm climates, the cold of the first month is difficult because there are many factors that influence, such as the wind, plus the temperature of 20 to 30 degrees below zero. This climate shock affects more citizens, being foreigners, in Montreal, which is the second largest city with a high rate of foreigners. If for the same citizens, they have to adapt to this sudden change and tolerate these winter months; for those who plan to live in Montreal, they must study all the characteristics. To make the best decision and follow the lifestyle you are looking for.

7- Ice Hockey

It is the second favorite sport on the ice and all Canadians are fans of it from north to south, including Montreal. For those who don't like or get anything out of the game, it will be hard to tell or start a conversation. For those who want to move to Montreal, it would be ideal to also highlight their sports games with more preference.

8- Services

When we talk about service, we talk about domestic service, in Montreal and everywhere in Canada, we don't use a cleaning service because it's expensive, it's for them only for those who just arrived, especially for the Latin Americans who are looking for this kind of service. jobs, it's not very feasible because this service is for those who are millionaires or billionaires and it's not that expensive to pay. That's why if you are looking to move to Montreal or any other part of Canada, choose other employment alternatives, which is not so problematic.

9- Do it yourself

Unlike other countries, such as South Americans, the services are very cheap, Montreal-Canada is not; It is very expensive, and for them they choose to make them themselves, of course with preparation, to save a few cents. That's why you have to inform yourself and what are the conditions of the country in which you intend to emigrate or study for a season, although this is not an obstacle regardless of the destination, but you have to adapt according to the situation presented. In order to avoid any discomfort or misunderstanding, we must be informed of everything in detail and have no regrets.

10- Rules

Like all societies, all countries and all cities are subject to rules and must be respected to avoid the abuses and conflicts of Montreal-Canada and other cities you encounter, whether you are waiting in line or buying tickets. Movies, no You must fly, you must respect the row and turn you are touching, as well as not passing a red light, or not respecting the crosswalk if you are breaking the rules which have consequences and must be accepted. This is why anyone who wants to live in Montreal should know the system and how it works.

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