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Our company offers you the best price for your Dorval move. Our movers are trained and equipped to be the best in the industry. We offer professional services for residential and commercial clients at the most competitive rates. We ensure a professional and safe move!

Are you looking for an affordable moving company in Dorval? If you are considering moving to this city and have started to organize your event, you must take into account several criteria to establish a quote with a professional mover: the distance to travel, the volume to be moved, the planned date, and whether you are located on a high floor without an elevator, this may increase the price. We therefore advise you to choose a less popular period for moving, in order to save between 20% and 25% and benefit from a more flexible service.

How much does it cost to move to Dorval, Montreal?

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The cost of our local moving service in Dorval is $75 per hour (before May 20 or from July 10), including a fully equipped truck with driver, excluding movers.

If you opt for the assistance of professional movers during the low season (before mid-May and after mid-July), the rates fluctuate between $95 and $125 per hour for two men, and between $135 and $165 per hour for three men.

The minimum rate is two hours of work, plus travel time, generally one hour for local moves. The total cost of your move will be calculated based on your specific needs, ensuring an accurate and transparent estimate of our services.

What are the parameters that vary the price of a Dorval move? The volume, The distance, The number of floors, The presence or not of an elevator, The packaging or not of your belongings, The assembly/disassembly of your furniture, The supply of boxes and protective equipment.

Why choose our company for a move to Dorval?

Choosing our company for your move to Dorval offers a multitude of benefits and reasons to make your transition a hassle-free and successful experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose us:

  1. We are experts in the city of Dorval: our in-depth knowledge of the region guarantees an efficient and hassle-free move.
  2. Personalized Service: each move is unique, and we adapt our services to guarantee a tailor-made experience.
  3. Team of Qualified Movers: our team is made up of qualified and experienced movers.
  4. Pricing Transparency: our costs are clear and detailed, eliminating unpleasant surprises.
  5. State-of-the-art equipment: from well-maintained trucks to specialized tools, we invest in the best equipment.

Opting for our company in Dorval means choosing reliability, quality and commitment to excellence in every aspect of your move. Trust us to transform your move into a positive and successful experience.

Low cost moving services

Our moving company in Dorval stands out for its professional services at competitive prices. Here is what we offer to ensure an efficient and affordable move:

Residential and Commercial Moving: Whether you are moving a residence or commercial space, our affordable services cover a full range of needs to meet all requirements.

Optional Packing and Unpacking: We offer optional packing and unpacking services to give you more flexibility in customizing your move, while remaining affordable.

Furniture Assembly: We also offer professional furniture assembly service to make your move to Dorval even more convenient and hassle-free. We are equipped to assemble furniture of all brands and types, from simple shelves to bedroom sets complex bedrooms.

Whether your move is small or large, we are committed to providing you with affordable moving solutions without sacrificing quality.

Moving pool table in Dorval.

Moving a pool table in Dorval requires special attention due to the delicate nature of this gaming equipment. Whether you are a pool enthusiast or a game room owner, we understand the importance of your pool table. For this reason, our prices are competitive and adapted to the complexity of each move. Our company offers professional solutions to ensure that your table arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain a personalized quote.

How much does it cost to move a piano in Dorval?

Prices for a piano moving in Dorval can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the piano, the distance of the move and other specific services required.

  • Upright piano: the price of moving an upright piano is generally between $280 and $590.
  • Grand piano (small/medium): For moving a small to medium sized grand piano in Montreal, our rates generally vary between $400 and $800.
  • Grand Piano (Grand): our services are generally between $600 and $1200.
  • Electric/Digital Piano: Moving an electric or digital piano is a more affordable option, with prices generally ranging from $190 to $300.
  • Antique or collectible piano: our prices for moving these unique pieces are between $500 and $1500, depending on specific needs.

No matter the size or complexity of your piano, our team of specialist movers is ready to ensure safe and delicate transport. Let us take care of your precious instrument during your next move to Montreal.

Long distance moving at the best price

We offer a high quality long distance moving service, from warehouse to office or home, from Dorval to other cities in the province of Quebec or Ontario. We are experts in organizing your long distance move and we specialize in moves in and out of Dorval. Benefit from the best rates and affordable prices for your move.

We offer a transportation service at the best price or at a fixed rate to all cities in Quebec and Ontario, moving Dorval to Trois-Rivières, Dorval to Sherbrooke, Magog, Dorval to Drummondville, Ottawa, Dorval to Mont-Tremblant, Dorval to Saint-Saveur, Dorval to Gatineau, Dorval to Toronto, Dorval to Chicoutimi, Saguenay, moving Dorval to Rimouski and Rivière-du-Loup.

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