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Important information to know before moving from Montreal-Quebec. Quebec City is also known as La Vieille Capitale and is a Canadian city with a rich history that dates back to a date long before the birth of this country.

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Moving from Montreal to Quebec City can be accomplished in a successful and stress-free manner with sufficient financial planning and work organization.

Quebec is the national capital of the province of Quebec, with a population close to 491,142 inhabitants but with the metropolitan area an estimated population of 715,515 inhabitants. Due to provincial legislation, French is the spoken and official language in Quebec City and the rest of the province followed by English. Quebec City has 34 districts in 6 boroughs. The boroughs are: La Cite Limoliou, Les Rivieres, Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge, Charlesbourg, Beauport, and La Haute-Saint-Charles

Quebec may attract many residents from outside the province, but a large number of them are from the city of Montreal for its beauty and for similar attractions of this wonderful city. The distance between Montreal and Quebec is approximately 251 km depending on whether you take Highway 20 East, however if you take Highway 40 East, your journey will be approximately 263 kilometers. The most direct route to Quebec remains Highway 20 East, which translates to a 2 hour and 58 minute journey depending on vehicle speed and weather conditions. The majority of your trip will be along Highway 20 East until you cross Exit 312 North onto Highway 73 North. There will be another exit on 139 East for Highway 440 East: Highway Charest East to Quebec. Having road maps of the province or a GPS system will help to avoid errors during the trip. Several large cities will be on the road to Quebec including Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Chamy until the passage to Quebec City along the St. Lawrence River.

Quebec City has award-winning post-secondary and university institutions such as Laval University. Un autre campus est aussi situé dans le Vieux Québec, celui de l’école d’architecture de l’Université Laval. The University of Quebec welcomes with its central campus located in Quebec City. There are also a few private institutions such as CDI College. Proper research on post-secondary institutions or local public schools before your move will help prepare you more and make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Public Transportation: Quebec City has a public transportation service that is operated by the Réseau de Transport de la Capitale. The RTC offers a bus service with 110 lines that carry approximately 62,000 passengers per day. During peak hours, there is a bus every five minutes to ensure the best service for passengers. Rail transport, through Via Rail, connects Quebec City to Montreal, and other nearby cities to Toronto. The city also has the Jean Lesage International Airport, and also one of the largest ports in Canada along the St. Lawrence River. For more information on the RTC and for their services within the city.

Once the moment of the move arrives, from Montreal to Quebec, the choice of a new house or apartment seems to be the most difficult work which requires a lot of preparation time. Yet with enough planning and thorough research, this job becomes simpler. Most new residents, regardless of the city they move to, often try to choose a place to live that is close to public services such as hospitals in case of a possible emergency or if their health situation requires them to visit. these places on a regular basis. Quebec City has a number of hospitals like the Jeffery Hale Hospital located at 1250 Ch Sainte-Foy. The important numbers during the passage to Quebec would be the following: 911 (Police, firefighter, and ambulance), (418) 684-5333 (Jeffery Hale Hospital).

There are many online services with listings for condos, houses and apartments in Quebec City. Research on local laws is very important because the standards could vary from those applied in Montreal.

Quebec City contains so much history and culture, the most famous of which is the winter carnival, and the celebrations of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day as the national holiday of Quebec. It doesn’t matter when you visit Quebec City; enjoy this visit by taking some family members with you. It’s a great idea to enjoy with the whole family what the city has to offer. This way you can familiarize yourself with local conditions and streets. This beautiful city offers you restaurants and hotels at affordable prices that suit your budget well. A number of restaurants offer international cuisines such as Portuguese, Spanish, Belgian, etc. Quebec offers you one of the best restaurants in North America. Hotel Le Germain Dominion is one of the popular places to stay in the heart of downtown, along with Hotel Sainte Anne located right in the heart of Old Quebec.

Moving from Montreal to Quebec could be a messy affair, with many steps involved to ensure everything goes as planned with care and precision. Thus, finding a reliable and experienced company in long-distance moving is very important.

A reliable moving company and skillful can undoubtedly give you satisfaction and peace of mind. As a result, you can concentrate on other tasks during the move and save your precious time. Without proper research, you may not receive quality service. Check the references of the moving company, find the references of former clients and their level of satisfaction with the work carried out by the company in question, find out if the moving company you choose carries out or has already carried out in the past moving works to the city you want to go there to live.

If you have a piano to be moved from Montreal to Quebec or a pool table, ask if the movers have experience and all the equipment needed for moving!

By choosing the service of Déménagement ALEX – you will ensure that your belongings and belongings are handled safely and professionally, and that it is all done as quickly as possible. The choice is yours!

Good luck and happy moving!

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