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Important information you need to know, before starting your move to Barrie from Montreal. Barrie is an Ontario city located north of Toronto on a body of water known as Lake Simcoe. The area around Barrie, particularly the North, is known as "cottage country" due to the large number of cottagers who live in the Greater Toronto Area and who choose this wooded area of northern Ontario as their vacation spot. . Currently, Barrie has a population of approximately 128, 430 with the majority being English speakers, although 13% of Barrie's population consider themselves to be of French ancestry ethnicity. Geographically, Montreal is located 619 km from Barrie, with approximately 6 hours and 59 minutes of driving which can vary depending on the speed of your vehicle, as well as your route.


The most direct route to Barrie remains Highway 20 West. Once you cross the provincial borders, the highway will turn into Ontario Highway 401 West, where much of your journey will be on this road, until you arrive in Toronto. Then take exit 359 to merge onto Highway 400 North toward Barrie. Near the city of Barrie, you must take the Dunlop Street East exit to enter Barrie. Make sure you have appropriate road maps on the trip, as well as a portable GPS system to avoid any possible mistakes during the trip and the move. En route to Barrie, you will pass through a number of towns such as Kingston, Cobourg, Oshawa, Pickering, Toronto, Markham, Newmarket, and Innisfil, until you finally arrive at your destination.


If you are moving to Barrie for studies, there is a main Georgian College campus with approximately 10,000 full-time students and over 30,000 part-time students. This college offers a number of academic degree programs in conjunction with other institutions such as Laurentian University and Central Michigan University. Barrie has two large English school boards, as well as two French school boards for people who integrate the French language into their daily lives. Proper research will allow you to choose the school that will best suit your needs, or the needs of your children to optimize their educational future.

Barrie has public transit service through Barrie Transit. From 1972 until today, Barrie Transit offers 20 bus routes in different locations around the city. Children and passengers with visual impairments can benefit from this service free of charge, however elderly people can use it for an affordable price of $ 2.25. Adults can use it for a price of $ 2.60. The Barrie Terminal acts as a major hub for the entire transportation system, including bus routes operated by GO Transit, Ontario Northland, and Gray Hound.

Choosing a new house or apartment is the most important and exciting part of moving for the whole family. The City of Barrie is in a rural area of Ontario with a growing urban area that provides great opportunities for those looking to buy a new home or apartment. Depending on your preferences and family budget, finding affordable housing in Barrie shouldn't be a difficult task. Whether you're looking for a home downtown or well away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area, Barrie has a wide variety of homes available on the market.

The City of Barrie hosts a number of annual events that attract people from all over, including neighboring Orillia. In other words, there is almost always something to do during the summer months in Barrie. Are known in particular the aquatic events that take place on the water.

It would be a great idea to visit the city before your final move. This tour will allow you to get to know not only the streets of the city better, but it will also give you the chance to familiarize yourself with the local conditions. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of what the city has to offer like restaurants, attractions, and accommodations. There are some great restaurants and hotels that are affordable and can make your visit an unforgettable experience. These restaurants are generally specialized in seafood, Chinese and Italian cuisine; they also offer old pub style food and a number of waterside Bistros creating a pleasant atmosphere for you and your family.

There are also a few affordable hotels and motels to stay at such as the Monte Carlo Inn and the Best Western Royal Oak Inn.

Whatever your reason for moving to Barrie, good planning beforehand, as well as proper research in all your endeavors will ensure that you achieve the desired outcome in the time frame you expect to be able to continue your new life with your loved one. family in a new town. This way, you would be satisfied that you made a smart decision that will bring peace of mind during this transition. 

Moving from Montreal to Barrie could be a messy affair, with many steps involved to ensure everything goes smoothly and with great care and precision. Thus, finding a reliable and experienced company in long distance moving is very important.

A reliable and skillful moving company can undoubtedly give you satisfaction and peace of mind. As a result, you can concentrate on other tasks during the move and save your valuable time. Without proper research, you may not receive quality service. Check the references of the moving company, find the references of past clients and their level of satisfaction with the work carried out by the company in question, find out if the moving company you choose carries out or has already carried out in the past moving to the city or region you wish to go there to live. 

If you have a piano to move from Montreal to Barrie or a pool table, ask if the movers have the experience and all the necessary equipment for moving!

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