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Lunenburg is a port town located in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. This beautiful town is considered a World Heritage Site. The town has a rich architecture and unique designs that date back to the British colonial era before the founding of the country. Currently, Lunenburg has an approximate population of 2,317, the majority of whom are English-speaking. The area is rich in natural beauty, so moving from Montreal to Lunenburg can be accomplished in a successful and stress-free manner with sufficient financial planning and work organization.


About the city:

When planning a long distance move, there are several things to keep in mind. Distance and travel time are important elements of a long distance move. Like the move from Montreal to Lunenburg, which requires careful planning and research. Geographically, Montreal is located 1317 km from Lunenburg, which is about 14 hours and 58 minutes drive. This may vary depending on the speed of your vehicle, as well as your route. The most direct route to Lunenburg is highway 20 East.

How to get to Amherst City

Moving Montreal

Directions: 1

You must then take exit 499 for the Trans-Canada Highway / Highway 85 towards Notre-Dame-du-Lac/Cabano/Degelis/Edmundston/QC-185/New Brunswick. Take Highway 85 South, which will take you to the New Brunswick provincial border. Once you cross the provincial border, Highway 85 South becomes Route NB-2 East. After approximately 100 kilometers, you will be on NS-104 East which is a toll road. You must take exit 15 to join NS-102 South towards Halifax / Truro.

Take exit 3 to merge onto NS-213 Hammonds Plains Road toward NS-2/Bedford.

Directions: 2

Turn left onto Hammonds Plains Road/NS-213 West and merge onto NS-103 West (via the Hubbards/Yarmoutn ramp). Then take the ramp to NS-3/Mahone Bay/Lunenburg and turn right onto NS-3 Trunk West. Then turn left onto Main Street/NS-3 Trunk West and left onto NS-332 East/NS-3 Trunk West. After that, take the first right onto Maple Ave/NS-3 Trunk West. Continue on NS-3 Trunk West. You are now in the Town of Lunenburg. It is very important to bring the proper maps and a portable GPS system to avoid any possible mistakes during the trip and afterwards, during the move.

Moving Montreal


Probability of passing zones

During your move from Montreal to Lunenburg, you will pass through several cities such as Drummondville, Quebec, St. Pascal, Rivière-du-Loup, Cabanc, Limestone, Fort Fairfield, Woodstock, Fredericton, Salisbury, Moncton, Amherst, Turo, Stewlacke, Elmsdale, Halifax, Hubbards, Mahone Bay, until you finally arrive at your destination.

The Education Opportunity in Amherst

Lunenburg does not offer many post-secondary educational opportunities.

However, as the Town of Lunenburg is very close to the City or Municipality of Halifax. It is possible to get to Halifax by shuttle, personal vehicle or even public transportation. To take advantage of the excellent educational opportunities that this city has to offer. There are several public educational institutions for children who need to attend school in Lunenburg. With proper research, you can choose the school that best suits your needs. And the needs of your children to optimize their educational future.

About Transportation in Amherst

Lunenburg has a public transportation system. However, the service is limited and primarily operated by a private citizens' group known as Citizens for Public Transit (CPT). The system itself is struggling due to a lack of funding and volunteers to develop and grow CPT in the region.

Winnipeg Apartments and Neighborhood

There are many different types of affordable housing in Lunenburg that are currently available on the market. There are many houses and large apartments that are currently available on the market for purchase or rent. Choosing a new home or apartment can be the most interesting and exciting part of the move for you and the whole family. Many homes are located directly on the water and others are located in rural settings. Which are located more in private rural settings. With a reasonable budget and your preferences in mind, you will be able to make a good choice.

Learning about local laws, provincial legislation and average housing prices will give you a head start when choosing a house or apartment.

Know your move and your moving company

Several annual events are held in Lunenburg and attract many tourists. It would be a good idea and a smart move to visit the city well before your final move. This tour will not only allow you to get to know the streets of the city and the travel time between Montreal and Lunenburg. It will also give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the local conditions. It will give you the opportunity to take advantage of what the city has to offer, such as restaurants and accommodations. There are a number of restaurants throughout the area and the majority of them specialize in seafood dishes. Especially the lobster presentations. This will give you a real sense of being on the East Coast of Canada. There are also a number of affordable motels and hotels to spend some quality time in Lunenburg.

With proper planning and research prior to your move, you will be able to quickly achieve your desired outcome and continue your new life with your family in a new city. This way, you can feel confident that you have made a smart decision that will give you peace of mind during this important transition.

Moving from Montreal to Lunenburg can be a complicated affair. There are many steps to take to ensure that everything is done correctly and with great care and precision. It is therefore very important to find a reliable and experienced long distance moving company.

A reliable and competent moving company can certainly give you satisfaction and peace of mind. As a result, you will be able to focus on other tasks during the move and save your precious time. Without proper research, you may not receive quality service. Check the moving company's references, find out the references of previous customers and their level of satisfaction with the work done by the company in question. Check to see if the moving company you choose does or has done moves in Nova Scotia or the town of Lunenburg in general in the past.

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