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Important information you need to know before moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke is a city in Quebec and has a reputation for being a developed society both economically and politically and is the sixth largest city in the province of Quebec.

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Sherbrooke is a city in Quebec and has a reputation for being a developed society both economically and politically and is the sixth largest city in the province of Quebec.

Geographically, Sherbrooke is a city located at the confluence of the great Magog and Saint-François rivers, which attract many people who want to settle there.

Like Montreal and most cities in the province of Quebec, the most widely spoken language in Sherbrooke is French with nearly ninety percent of the current population, followed by English.

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If you have made the decision to move to Sherbrooke from Montreal, a lot of planning and preparation will be required in order to define the right time when you can move to this beautiful city. The distance between Montreal and Sherbrooke is approximately 149kms depending on your desired route which involves approximately 1 hour 49 minutes of driving. But the duration can extend to a maximum of 2 hours and 11 minutes depending on your route and the speed of the vehicle.

Planning your move in advance and doing research to find the most efficient route to the final destination will save you time and money. If you wish to take the most direct route to Sherbrooke, then you will travel along Highway 720 West, also connecting other highways such as Highway 10 East.

Pay attention to specific exits on highways. Prepare your trip using the appropriate road maps or if possible a personal GPS system that will help you eliminate possible errors during the trip. If a moving company based in Montreal will be in charge of all the moves, in this case ask if they are familiar with these roads, especially with the city of Sherbrooke in general.

On Highway 10 East towards Sherbrooke you will pass through several small towns and communities such as Brossard (which is just south of Montreal), the municipality of Carignan, Mont-Orford, Omerville (note that at this point you join Highway 112 East), Rock Forest, until you finally cross the outer limit of the city of Sherbrooke. Again we insist on careful planning of your itinerary in advance if you want your move to be a success without major problems.

In the city there are two large hospitals, but there are also small CLSC clinics available in the Sherbrooke area. The most general hospital would be the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, located not far from the Qc 216 highway, but rather on 55, Rue Brooks. Knowing the location of these important places is essential in the event of an emergency that may arise now or in the near future. When it comes to education, the city has a number of public high schools located in the heart of the city, not far from King Street West. Choosing a house or apartment that is not far from these educational institutions can make things easier for your children and for yourself.

However, post-secondary institutions are of a limited number in the city. There is a French-speaking university known as Université de Sherbrooke and an English-speaking university known as Bishops University. Depending on your study choices, it is always advisable to look into educational institutions that offer programs that will be beneficial to you. In addition, there are three cégeps (community colleges) two of which are predominantly French speaking.

When it comes time to find a house or apartment in the city, the local government offers a website to help those interested with advice for its current approximate population of 300,383. This site shows the average monthly rent for apartments, as well as it does a price comparison with other cities in the province of Quebec to help you get a better understanding of what you should be looking for when it comes to finding a home. a future home.

In the city of Sherbrooke, public transport is extensive, namely bus and train services. Transdev Limocar provides bus services to the city of Montreal, while the Société de Transport de Sherbrooke (STS) provides bus services within the city. There are currently seventeen bus lines, eleven minibus routes and five taxi-bus lines. For more information on these services.

If you have the opportunity to visit Sherbrooke before your final move from Montreal, take the time to enjoy this city’s scenery and food. This way you can overcome your stress and get to know the city better. Sherbrooke has many restaurants and buffets that come in a wide variety. It doesn’t matter if you like Asian, Greek or deli food, or even an old-fashioned bistro, by taking advantage of these popular cuisines you can pleasantly reduce your workload during the move. Nor would it be a bad idea to spend a weekend in Sherbrooke, given its proximity to Montreal, the return trip would not be a heavy burden on you and your precious time.

The city of Sherbrooke also offers a wide variety of hotels at affordable prices which are generally spread throughout the city. The majority of hotels are located on King Street West, such as the Delta Hotel, Quality Hotel and the Hotel Le President. Taking a few family members with you will create a lot of excitement and experience for your new home.

Regardless of the date on which you decided to move from Montreal to Sherbrooke, take your time to properly plan and prepare for your departure and this important transition period in your life because these measures will make your move a successful experience, but also guarantee a life enjoyable for years to come.

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Good luck and happy moving!

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