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Important information you need to know before moving from Montreal to Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and is also the capital of the province of Ontario. Many people who live in Southern Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) quite often choose this city as their place of work or study for a number of reasons. If you have decided to move to Toronto from Montreal, there are several things to plan for in order to ensure a smooth and successful move. What you need to know before moving to Toronto is the language difference or even the cost of living that exists between the two cities. The city of Toronto is considered the economic and commercial capital of Canada. This is a factor that sometimes influences the cost of living, particularly apartment or house rental prices, as well as the cost of public services that are offered to Toronto residents.

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Like Montreal, the city of Toronto is made up of the surrounding municipalities: Markham (North York), Scarborough, Etobicoke, East York, Vaughan (York) and downtown. The city has a public transport service for residents who do not have a personal vehicle. Toronto Transit Commission is a very popular service with a number of bus routes and trains connecting to GO Transit and bus services.

The distance between Montreal and Toronto can vary depending on the speed of your vehicle and your route. Often the trip can take four to six hours. It is therefore important to ask the moving company if they are familiar with the Toronto road network, such as the Crown Highway 401, 404, the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Expressway) as well as the Don Valley Park Road and the newest road system known as the 407 Toll Expressway.

The 407 has already been running for over a decade, but driving on the 407 requires paying a toll which will be sent to your current address located on your vehicle license plate.

Vehicles registered in Quebec are allowed to drive on this toll road, but of course without research and without precise information you risk having an expensive trip, especially if you use large vehicles such as a moving truck.

When trying to make a decision to move to Toronto from Montreal, planning ahead will always ensure a smooth and successful move.

Research the demographics of each small town attached to Toronto. If you belong to a minority or a particular community, quite often settling in a cultural environment similar to yours will help you easily find friends and live better; or even you can take advantage of local conditions if you have children who would like to go to school in an area that will make an easier transition for them in the long run. Toronto has different minority groups and small “villages” like China Town, Little Italy, etc.

If you are moving from Montreal to Toronto and you only speak French, then it would be necessary to find a place in Toronto that is mainly populated by French speakers, not only by Quebecers but also by immigrants who come from France. This way you will be assured that you have made the right choice. The 9-1-1 emergency service in Toronto is designed to respond in over 150 different languages, which is a benefit for a new Canadian citizen or a new resident who has moved to Toronto and needs the services of emergency.

If you have children who need post-secondary education, Toronto has different colleges and universities that specialize in different programs. A few of the hunches located in Toronto and the GTA are University of Toronto, The Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Ryerson University, Seneca College, Humber College, Centennial College, and George College Brown. There is also an annex campus linked to Collège Boréal (French-speaking institution). 

In general, most public transport runs in this direction which is advantageous for pupils and students, especially since they offer reduced prices during normal school periods. Before moving to Toronto, research the important places in the city. This will undoubtedly benefit you in the future. Toronto has many hospital services and a large police department to ensure that the citizens of Toronto are safe, especially with the evolution of our society today. Finding a location ahead of time that best suits your needs and expectations will take away from worrying about the safety of your neighborhood.

Toronto is a very cultural city and each year it organizes special events such as the Caribana festival which begins in mid-July and ends in August. These events attract many people from all over the world. So choosing the best time to visit the city is very important to prevent you from being stuck in traffic jams or to avoid road closures caused by special events or demonstrations. Good pre-planning always leads to success.

Be sure to choose a Montreal moving company that has experience in long-distance moving or has moved to Toronto from Montreal before, and knows the rules of the road. When comparing Montreal to Toronto, some laws may be similar but many are different such as turning right at red lights, which can be an often common action on Toronto streets but not necessarily on Montreal streets. Toronto also enforces many laws that keep heavy trucks off the streets not only to preserve roads, but also to keep residents safe and happy.

Piano moving service from Montreal to Toronto or a pool table, ask if the movers have the experience and all the necessary equipment for moving!

Whatever your reason for moving from Montreal to Toronto, try to enjoy this beautiful city and a culture that is different from that in Montreal. It’s always a good way to discover what this beautiful country has to offer. Good advance planning, as well as proper research in all your endeavors will ensure that you get the desired result in time to be able to continue your new life with your family in a new city.

Good luck and happy moving!

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