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You have decided to move from Kingston to Montreal, déménagement ALEX is here to guarantee you a courteous, efficient and worry-free move. Our mission is to offer you exceptional quality service, allowing you to settle into your new life with complete peace of mind. If you are looking to save on your move without sacrificing quality of service, trust our Montreal moving company.

Why choose Montreal?

moving Kingston to Montreal

Montréal, the dynamic metropolis of the province of Quebec, offers an attractive blend of culture, history and modern life. The trip from Kingston to Montreal is approximately 280 kilometers, which takes approximately three hours by car. Montreal’s diverse and dynamic population exceeds 1.7 million inhabitants, contributing to a rich cultural tapestry. The city has world-class museums, festivals and a renowned culinary scene.

The decision to move to Montreal opens doors to exciting opportunities, cultural experiences and a unique lifestyle, making it a premier destination for those seeking a vibrant and thriving urban environment.

How much does it cost to move from Kingston to Montreal?

The cost of moving a one bedroom apartment from Kingston to Montreal can vary depending on several factors, the quantity of goods to be moved, the floors, the services required and the time of year. Here is a rough estimate of the cost in French:

In general, moving from Kingston to Montreal the cost can vary from $1790 to $2290 or more. The cost of moving will depend on the number of items to be moved.

To obtain an accurate quote for your move from a one-bedroom apartment from Kingston to Montreal, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

Residential Moving from Kingston to Montreal

Moving from one city to another is an important step in life, and if you are preparing to move from Kingston to Montreal, we are here to accompany you on this journey. Our company specializes in residential moves, and we are committed to making this transition as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Why choose our moving service from Kingston to Montreal?

Choosing a moving company is an important decision, especially when it comes to moving from Kingston to Montreal. Here are several reasons why you should choose our moving service for this important transition:

  • Courteous service and
  • Professional.
  • Quality of service
  • Exceptional.
  • Competitive Prices.
  • Flexibility.
  • Respect of Deadlines.

By choosing our moving service from Kingston to Montreal, you will benefit from our expertise, our commitment to customer satisfaction, and our desire to make your move as smooth and worry-free as possible. We are here to support you in this important stage of your life and to make your transition to your new home a success.

Discounted moving for students, Kingston to Montreal.

We understand that moving can be an expensive step for students, but we are here to provide you with affordable options to make your transition from Kingston to Montreal as economical as possible.

By choosing our discount student moving service from Kingston to Montreal, you can save money while enjoying a quality, hassle-free move. We are here to help you settle into your new life in Montreal with complete peace of mind.

Long distance moving to Montreal

A long-distance move can be a complex and stressful undertaking, but our moving company is here to provide you with exceptional service to ease your transition to Montreal. Whether you are moving for personal or professional reasons, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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