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Are you planning a move from Laval to Saint-Sauveur? Our moving company offers over 16 years of experience helping families and businesses move or store their belongings. We do everything from all types of local and long distance moves, long term and short term storage. We’ve got you covered from A to Z. No problem with us, we do everything in our power to make sure you have all your belongings they need, no matter where they are today. We are the best movers in the moving industry, and we are proud of it and it shows in everything we do.

We offer a moving service from Laval to the greater Saint-Sauveur region. Moving Laval to Morin-Heights, Moving Laval to Mont-Rolland, Moving Laval to Val-David, Moving Laval to Val-Morin, Moving Laval to Lac-Renaud, Moving Laval to Lac-Théodore, Moving Laval to Saint-Hippolyte, Moving Laval to Shawbridge, Laval move to Prévost, Laval move to Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Laval move to Mille-Isles, Laval move to Mont-Rolland, Laval move to Saint-Calixte-Nord.

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Are you looking for movers at the best price?

Are you interested in knowing the price to move from Laval to Saint-Sauveur? The price for a one-bedroom apartment is $600 to $850. The price will vary depending on the size of your apartment, stairs. The process is clear and we can help you with everything from packing, loading and unloading the truck. Our staff is specially trained and we believe that a professional and friendly attitude is what makes a company great. Call us and receive a full explanation of your move. Our goal is to remove all unpleasant aspects of the move and make the whole process easier for you.

Residential moving service

If you are planning a residential move in Saint-Sauveur, our local team of professional movers is ready to help you enjoy your easiest move. We guarantee you the best service at the best price.

With the help of our highly trained and professional staff of moving specialists, you won’t have to worry. Our extensive list of mobile IDs, customer service reviews, and various moving service awards demonstrate our claim to excellence as a Laval moving company.

Moving piano

How much does it cost to move a piano from Laval to Saint-Sauveur? The base price to move an upright piano is $475 to $650. A big baby costs on average between $495 and $850. The cost of moving a piano depends on several factors, including size, distance, type of piano, floors or steps, and any special care taken with your piano.

Moving a piano can be both a science and an art because the task requires special knowledge and skills that normal people, even the most experienced ones, do not possess. This is true because acoustic pianos are extremely heavy, especially dovetail or upright, grand and upright pianos, which have heavy playing mechanisms, and at the same time they are extremely fragile.

To make moving them even more difficult than just being heavy, these instruments are housed in very nice cabinets.

Office or commercial moving

Business relocation from Laval to Saint-Sauveur. Is your current office too small or too big? Is it time to take that big step? Whatever the reason for moving your organization to another building or space, we’re here to help.

We are also equipped to handle large machines like the office copier. Once at your new location, we’ll help you get everything back in place, so your business can get back to work as soon as possible. Our team of professional movers wants to make sure you don’t miss a thing when moving your office.

Long distance moving from Laval to Saint-Sauveur

Professional attitude and quality of service are of the highest priority for us. We strive to provide our customers with reliable customer support that can answer questions in the appropriate manner. We take care of your belongings with care and responsibility, working to provide you with the least tedious moving experience possible.

We are very flexible and will work with you. We are generally available 24/7 and work to provide you with a worry-free experience to make the moving process easier. We not only move, but we can also help you pack, unpack, load, unload, disassemble and assemble, and rearrange your furniture.

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