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Are you planning your move from Longueuil to Drummondville for a job or studies? Are you changing cities? If you are looking to move to a city in Quebec from Longueuil, you can opt for the city of Drummondville. A city that has all the geographical, historical, cultural, tourist, educational, culinary, among other attractions to please you and your family. Here is a presentation of this city in Quebec.

Population, geographic location of Drummondville

Population, geographic location of Drummondville It is therefore a small town in Quebec with a population estimated at nearly 75,423 inhabitants in 2016, or a density of 123 inhabitants per km2. The city of Drummondville has an area of 61,393 ha. Located in the Regional County Municipality of Drummond, it is 107 kilometers northeast of the city of Montreal and 152 kilometers southeast of Quebec City. The inhabitants of the town are called Drummondvillois(e) and if you decide to moving from Longueuil in Drummondville, you will be one.

History and language of Drummondville

The city of Drummondville has been a place particularly rich in history since its creation in June 1815 by Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick George Heriot. The city was founded as part of the demobilization of Canadian soldiers, particularly during the War of 1812. It was then to serve as a site for surveillance and prevention of possible invasions by the American army. It will still be necessary to wait until 1888 to see Drummondville take on the status of municipality and know its first municipal elections. The main language spoken in this city is French. So we need to moving from Longueuil, Brossard, Boucherville, Saint-Hubert to Drummondville to enjoy its wonders. Local Longueuil moving at the best price!

Tourist place to visit in Drummondville

The city of Drummondville, in addition to being historic, concentrates in itself a set of highly touristic attractions that will not fail to attract more than one. Indeed, there are places of attractions that make the mark of the Quebec city. We can mention among these tourist places, the Village Québécois d’antan, a sublime place that shows all the rich culture of this city. Do not forget the St. Lawrence River which allows you to make a tourist circuit between Montreal and Quebec. Another no less important attraction is the city’s public library, so you have to move to Drummonville to see it.

Best university and college in Drummondville

If you worry about the education of your children to move to Drummondville, you do not need to feed any worries. Because it must be said, the city of Drummondville has schools at all levels under the cover of the Commission scolaire des Chênes. The city has 34 primary schools, 5 colleges including one private, vocational and general training centers. The city also hosts a college of general and professional education (CEGEP). Very recently, Drummondville opened a university campus hosting that of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. In education, the city of Drummondville is therefore well served.

Best restaurants in Drummondville

In Drummondville, good flavor is not lacking, you can find it in atypical restaurants. They are among the best restaurants and you can book a table there. Among the best-ranked restaurants on travel sites, there is the Stratos Pizzeria restaurant, the La Verrière restaurant, the Cage aux Sports, the Mikes, the Looba Café, the Bingo Drummond, the Odyssée Resto Ambiance, to name a few. cite only these. They are all appreciated for their quality of food and service with fast delivery. You can move to Drummondvilleto enjoy the appeal of these one-of-a-kind restaurants.

5 reasons to move from Longueuil to Drummondville

– The city hosts a successful labor market with the notorious development of new companies that come to settle in the city because it has a favorable geographical position and a healthy economy.

– There is also that Drummondville residents enjoy one of the highest purchasing powers in Quebec and Canada, thanks to the low life cost. Acquiring housing in Drummonville is highly affordable compared to other cities.

– Another reason is the quality of life in Drummondville, which is optimal. And this thanks to the many parks and green spaces that you can enjoy with your family, not to mention the relaxation and leisure areas.

– The safety of goods and people is essential for a city and in Drummondville the local authorities have made safety their primary concern.

– The city has one of the lowest crime rates in Quebec. The city of Drummonville also has quality public services.


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