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Canada is a very large country with many interesting regions. If you want to travel and settle in the country, you have to choose your new city of residence carefully. The city of Rimouski is a pleasant place in which a large number of people have chosen to settle there in recent years. There are many things to see and experience in the city. It offers many opportunities for activities and employment. If you intend to settle in Rimouski, here are some reasons that will make you appreciate the idea of move to Rimouski.

Population and geographic location of Rimouski

Rimouski is a city located on the South Shore of the Saint Lawrence Estuary. The city is integrated into the regional county municipality of Rimouski-Neigette located in the administrative region of Bas-Saint-Laurent. It has about 50,000 permanent residents.

Rimouski is built on a region characterized by three steps. The lowlands rise about 200m above sea level and are just a narrow strip of land on which the first settlements in the territory were built. Then there is the intermediate zone with an altitude between 200 and 300m and finally the Middle Plateau.

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History and language of Rimouski

It was the Saint-Malo explorer Jacques Cartier who would be the first to arrive on the coast of the region towards the end of August 1945. He will describe the region during his trip and will talk about the island of Saint-Barnabé . Ten years later, after him, Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec, will also pass through the region which he calls Pic because of the rocky massif.

The seigniory will be established in the region from 1688. The city develops thanks to agriculture and its natural resources. It will quickly become the regional center. Officially, the new city was incorporated in 2002. The official language of the region is French.

Tourist place to visit in Rimouski

Moving from Longueuil to Rimouski is an interesting idea since the city is a popular tourist spot. Indeed, the city is very close to Saint-Barnabé Island. It only takes a few minutes by boat to get to the island for hiking or spotting seals and great blue herons.

The Reford Gardens are among the most renowned and beautiful in North America. The city also has a regional museum which presents many works related to its history. The Canyon of the Gates of Hell is an attraction that attracts a large number of people. It offers various activities for the family.

Best university in Rimouski

If you are thinking of moving to Rimouski and studying there or moving there with your children, you need to know the colleges and universities in the region. The Cégep de Rimouski is located in the heart of the historic district. It has one of the best graduate placement rates in Quebec. The student and his success is the main concern of the institute. The University of Quebec at Rimouski is a branch of the University of Quebec network. It offers solid academic training in a professional and welcoming environment. Each year, the institute presents one of the best success rates in the Quebec region.

Best restaurants in Rimouski

If you are planning to visit or move to Rimouski, here are the best places to eat. Le Crêpe Chignon is a popular café/crêperie. He also serves as a table d'hôte. His specialty is the Breton crepe.

La Réserve Bistro is one of the most popular restaurants in town. The restaurant mainly uses regional products for sophisticated and inventive recipes.

Les Affamés du Bic is also a very famous address. It offers typical recipes from the region made with fresh local produce.

5 reasons to move to Rimouski

We show you why moving to Rimouski is a wise choice:

  • Rimouski is a smart and digital city: its urban development anticipates the needs of citizens and different organizations at different levels.
  • Moving from Brossard, Longueuil to Rimouski allows you to enjoy a pleasant living environment with all the latest technological and urban infrastructures.
  • The teaching infrastructures offer recognized results throughout the Quebec region. Training takes place in an adapted and professional environment.
  • The development of the city is remarkable. A large number of public and private companies are located there.
  • The real estate sector is booming and many homes are for sale with a wide range of prices.

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