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Moving from Longueuil to Trois-Rivières

Thinking of moving from Longueuil to Trois-Rivières? Spend pleasant moments in a beautiful city. Why don't you take a trip to Trois-Rivières. A city whose name reflects its symbolic history. Trois-Rivières is a city comparable to big cities, except that it offers you all this without the disadvantages of other cities. The quality of life there is amazing. We cannot indeed resist such a rich environment where the Saint Lawrence River crosses the Saint Maurice River and moreover the prices of houses are affordable, the most affordable in Canada. Don't wait any longer, discover through these writings all the good reasons to stay in Trois-Rivières.

Population, geographic location of Trois-Rivieres

The city of Trois-Rivières is located at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice River. Trois-Rivières is a city in Quebec, it is on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River between Quebec and Montreal, more precisely halfway.

Being the most populated of the administrative region of Mauritius, the City of Trois-Rivières has 135,000 residents of Trois-Rivières. Trois-Rivières covers an area of 333,700 m2 for a density of 464 inhabitants. /km2. . The young population is becoming increasingly rare. There are more people in the age group of 45 and over. Moving from Longueuil to Trois-Rivières Will guarantee you long-term employment because there is an acceleration of aging.

History and language – city Trois-Rivieres

Founded in 1964, Trois-Rivières is the second oldest city in Quebec. Originally this site was frequented by natives of the great Algonquin family. The name Trois-Rivières was used for the first time in 1599 by Sieur Dupont-gravé who was a geographer employed by Champlain. This name was confirmed in 1603 by the same geographer.

French is the most spoken language in the city of Trois-Rivières, with 98% of the population speaking French. For English and our official languages, they are only spoken up to 1% each. French is therefore the main language.

Tourist place to visit Trois-Rivieres

The geographical location of Trois-Rivières allows it to have magnificent places to visit. There are several historic places worth visiting in Trois-Rivières.

You have several sites and monuments present in Trois-Rivières. There is the old prison of Trois-Rivières, the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame du Cap, the Forges of Saint-Maurice and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

You also have to visit places of cultural enrichment such as museums. You thus have the Boréalis, the Quebec Museum of Popular Culture, the Ursuline Museum and the Manoir Boucher de Niverville.

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Best University and College in Trois-Rivieres 

The international French school and the francization program will make learning easier for you. Moving to Trois-Rivières to enroll your children at the prestigious university of Quebec, this university makes a point of honor on the quality of its students, as well as on the competence of its teaching staff. Training is highlighted here; scientific innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and professional success are very strong.

Cégep de Trois-Rivières ranks among the best CEGEPs in Quebec and Canadian colleges in the national ranking of leaders in innovation, as evidenced by the ranking of Canada's top 50.

Best restaurants in Trois-Rivieres 

Moving to Trois-Rivières to discover places of intense gustatory pleasures by letting your taste buds taste the wonderful dishes served in the restaurants of Trois-Rivières.

The Trois-Rivières post office has a restaurant service open late into the evening, so you can eat at the time that suits you.

The Restaurant le Grill is best suited for lovers of grilled meats. On the menu of this chic and contemporary restaurant you will find aged steaks and other grilled meats.

The Restaurant le Rouge Vin is a refined restaurant with a terrace. It is in a hotel that serves French cuisine and a seafood buffet.

5 reasons to move to Trois-Rivieres 

You have decided to move, but you are still hesitating about your destination, you now have several good reasons to choose to move. move to Trois-Rivières :

  • To avoid the stress of traffic, in Trois-Rivières you will not see this monster traffic of the big cities. You can leave for work every morning at 8 a.m. and return in time for supper, even stopping at daycare and the grocery store.  
  • For the discovery of leisure, beautiful cultural entities, not to mention multicultural discoveries such as festivals.
  • To discover a welcoming community. You have the SANA to help you integrate, it even supports you in finding accommodation.
  • For its diversification in education with the presence of a multitude of establishments.
  • For all the opportunities they offer you. Study, employment, housing and investment.

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