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Are you planning to move from Montreal to Charlottetown? Well, I hope you find everything you need to know here.

The history of the city of Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island is very rich and very long, the city, also known as the “birthplace of Confederation”. It was named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who was a Queen Consort of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

move from Montreal to CharlottetownThe city was finally incorporated as a city in 1855, and the reason it is called the birthplace of Confederation was that in 1864 it was the seat of the famous Charlottetown Conference, which was the first gathering between the Canadian and maritime statesmen. giving birth to the Canadian Confederation, hence the city motto “Cunabula Foederis”, the birthplace of the Confederation.

The city has a population of approximately 37,000. Its economy is based on fish and seafood processing plants, beverages, meat and dairy products, and a wide variety of metal fabricators. The port of the city sees a lot of movement of agricultural products and petroleum products.

The city also has industries based on biotechnology and information technology. Thanks to government partnerships and investments, these industries have grown exponentially in recent years.

As the responsibility of each province, Charlottetown’s education system is directly linked to the province of Prince Edward Island. And because of the City’s official languages ​​of French and English, there are two different governing bodies, the English Language School Board and the French Language School Board. In addition to public schools, the city has two independent schools: Emmanuel Christian School and Grace Christian School.

Beyond secondary education, the city has many good offers. It is home to the prestigious University of Prince Edward Island, which offers excellent programs in the arts, education, business, nursing and science. UPEI is also home to the Atlantic Veterinary College and has a strong sports program, with men’s and women’s teams in sports like hockey, rugby, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. The city of Charlottetown is also home to several campuses of the province’s community college, Holland College. It also has several private and independent training colleges.

Before deciding to buy or rent a house in this wonderful city, you can research everything you need to know in advance, mortgages or regulations, you can also seek professional help from ‘a real estate agent. to simplify the whole process of collecting information and the subsequent purchase of the house.

Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island has an average price of $228,000, the most popular listings found on the town are for 3 bedroom properties, not that you won’t find less or more.

House prices are expected to rise, so you can bid early rather than later before they beat the forecast.

Making the decision to move from Montreal to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island can seem like a complex undertaking, but with careful planning and a well-crafted budget, it can be accomplished successfully.

Whether you want to do piano moving or billiards, hiring a respected and professional moving company with the best team of movers is always the best choice, they will make your head of all the route planning and long-distance travel, they’ve got you covered.

Doing research online is the best option for finding the quote you need for a move, and finding the one you can afford. Check for reviews online, even Yelp can be helpful, make sure you hire the best, remember that more than just carrying stuff, they carry your hard earning effort, and lots of memories.

Make sure that while you research these moving companies, they have experience moving to island territories, remember that since Charlottetown is on an island, sea travel will be required, and you need a professional company able to do it without problem.

Even if you move from Montreal to Charlottetown, you won’t miss a thing, this city is an incredible cultural scene that is well worth the effort.


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